Tips On How To Shield Your Family From Mosquitoes

December 10, 2018

Because of the number of deaths per year they cause, mosquitoes are considered as one of the "deadliest animals" in the world. Not all mosquitoes bite, but when they do, it means it is a female mosquito. Female mosquitoes are known to carry fatal diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, Zika fever, Japanese Encephalitis, and Yellow fever.

Staying Safe From Mosquitoes!

Initially, the symptoms only include itchiness and redness of the bitten area which is caused by the saliva. However, severe cases of these diseases require immediate medical attention because it can lead to fatal death of the affected person.  In fact, reports show an increasing rate of death from these diseases especially the Dengue Fever. Because it hurts to see our family suffered from fatal diseases brought by mosquito, here are some tips on how to shield your family from this harmful pest.

Clean Your Surroundings

Mosquitoes thrive in damp and dark places especially those in stagnant water.  As the first 10 days of mosquito’s life requires water, it is necessary to clean the surroundings and check that any containers even the drainage pipes, roof, and the likes have no stagnant waters on it.  Do not keep water that you cannot use within seven days at the least as it becomes a good habitat for female mosquito to lay thousands of eggs.

Use Mosquito Repellant Products

While we cannot watch over our family for every minute against this harmful bug, it is necessary to give them mosquito repellant products that would help keep the mosquito away.  In the market, there are many various mosquito repellant products such as lotion, body oil, and even cloth sticker. These products usually contain Citronella oil which is proven to be very effective in repelling mosquitoes.  However, the scent from this plant just lasts for an average of three hours so this is the only time that your family can be protected. Thus, you need to put it on again for effectiveness of the scent. It is recommended to always use these products especially on the hours when the presence of mosquito is high.

Install Window & Door Screen

Window and Door screen is very effective in guarding the family against this pest.  Just make sure that the screen is always kept close to avoid the mosquito from entering and habituating your home.  Mosquitoes favored the damp and dark corner of the house such as comfort room, cabinet, kitchen area, laundry area, and even the stockroom.  So, the key here is to guard the mosquitoes from entering the house.

Request Professional Help

We know how distressing it is to protect your family against the disease-carrying mosquito.  That is why Go Forth Pest Control is the perfect go-to in terms of dealing with these pests. Being in the industry for many years, the ability of highly trained professional team is incomparable.  We are one of the top performing pest controls because of our innovative solutions in creating safe, pest-free, and worry-free environment. Just call us and we will give you a free quotation!  

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