Tips On What To Expect From A Termite Inspection

December 3, 2018

Termites are pests that can be extremely dangerous on your property, especially depending on the size and severity of the infestation. These creatures have the ability to cause major destructive impact, due to their ability to destroy base structures of buildings, etc. Some of these effects, especially when the infestation is extreme, influence the value of your property heavily.

Preparing For An Extermination Appointment

The important factor that we cannot emphasize enough is that the sooner you discover an infestation in your home, the better (and cheaper) treatment will be for you, since treating these kind of infestations is much easier during the early stages. Before you have your home inspected and treated by pest control professionals, it is important that you know enough about the company and what these professionals are expected to do once they have entered your home. It is helpful for you to be properly informed and prepared when pest control professionals come to your house. In order to get you ready, we’ve listed some of the things that you should expect to see during a pest infestation inspection to your house.

  • Prepare Your Garage: It will be a great aid to your inspectors if you’re able to clean out your garage before they go in for the inspection. Make this an opportunity to de-clutter and organize! You’ll be getting rid of unnecessary items and properly storing what you choose to keep, which makes it all the more quick and painless for the inspector to look at complicated spots and room joints.
  • Crawlspaces: If your house is built slightly rising above the ground or soil, then the termite inspectors are sure to check all those areas as well. You should clear out any clutter or trash in these areas if you can. The less that you leave on the inspectors path, the better!
  • Check Access To Your Attic: If you have an attic, then the inspector is likely to check this area of your house. Make sure that there are no hindrances or clutter that could prevent the inspector from checking the intricate spaces in your attic area. If you have a closet by the attic entrance then we advise that you remove everything from it so that the inspector won’t be the one to have to do this work.
  • Sink Areas: Inspectors are sure to be checking your sinks, so you must clear and clean these areas. Provide just enough space so that the inspector won’t have a difficult time seeing the spaces and areas that need to be accessed. Last but not least, while you’re taking these measures to prepare for your inspector, prepare to be served by the best!

At Go-Forth Pest Control, we value the importance of having our customers understand the issue they are facing and how we are going to handle it. Our team of professional termite experts have the most up to date methods and systems when examining and aiding any and all pest problems. Don’t delay, call Go-Forth today to get started on your termite elimination process!

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