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February 13, 2019

Termites are insects that come from the family of roaches. Just like ants, termites operate in a colony type of system. They have their so-called Kings who constantly look for Queens that are fertile enough in order to create a higher count of their kind.

Termites feed on almost anything there is in their surroundings, even on dead plants, cellulose, soil, wood, fiber, and those sort of things. Termites are detritivores, they participate greatly in the ecosystem by recycling and feeding off from the waste materials such as dead plants and feces of other animals. These tiny creatures come off also as a major source of the greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. Just like how it is with ants, these creatures are one of the most successful groups of insects in the entire world.

Moreover, they are basically found almost everywhere on our planet except for Antarctica. The Queens of these colonies can live up to a total of 50 years, dependent on how they are able to consume the nutrients that they need. A Queen termite can lay up to 40,000 eggs in just one day as they have two ovaries that can carry a lot of eggs at a time.

Before you go on worrying about the presence of termites in your home, here are some of the extermination methods you can resort to while waiting for the day of your appointment with Go-Forth Pest Control:

Orange Oil

Citrus fruits! Apparently, citrus works best in repelling different types of pests. They work on roaches, mice, ants, and even termites! Much more than that, it is completely natural which makes it safe to use even for households with either children or pets living in it. The use of orange oil has been proven as one of the most effective methods in treating home from pest infestations. Not only that it is affordable, but it is also environmentally friendly which is a great factor in keeping your house chemical-free. Orange oil can be derived from orange peels that have a high content of d-limonene which is very much deadly for termites. When these little insects come in direct contact with this substance found in orange oil, their exoskeletons begin to fail because of the smell and the d-limonene substance. They start to lose body protein and moisture which leads them to sudden deaths. This happens quite fast when there is a high content of d-limonene in the orange oil that you’re using.

Go-Forth Pest Control

Our company has been in the pest control industry ever since the year 1959. We have been committed ever since to provide the best pest control services to our customers. Go-Forth Pest Control offers preventive treatment solutions to post-treatment maintenance solutions in order to achieve and preserve the safe and pest-free environment that everybody deserves.

Here at Go-Forth, your convenience is our priority. So what are you waiting for? Call our team now and schedule up for an inspection!

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