Top Pest Control Near Me For Bed Bugs

February 12, 2019

Bed bugs are probably one of the most problematic pests one can ever encounter. Most of the time, bed bugs are hidden in locations where there is a lot of human activity, this way they are much closer to their hosts which makes it easy for them to food. Bed bugs are basically everywhere, they can even go for more than 3 months without eating anything which is why they are so good at hiding, making it difficult for non-professionals to eliminate them.

When feeding, bed bugs release an anesthetic substance that allows for their bite to numb the skin of their host. Leaving them undetected while feeding on their hosts. Moreover, the adaptability of these pests also allows them to have enough time to easily reproduce in any place at fast speeds that.

Do not worry though, as there are still ways to eliminate them from your homes. There some remedies which you can do to repel bed bugs while waiting for our Go-Forth Pest Control team for your house inspection.

Here are some of them:

Baking Soda

Yes, that’s right. Baking Soda has a lot of uses not just for the body, food but a whole lot more. Apparently, the use of this item is very much effective in eliminating the presence of Bed Bugs in almost any place as this substance has the ability to dry out materials and insects leaving these creatures dehydrated and ultimately dead in just a few short minutes. That being said, this is one of the best naturally based ingredients that one can use to get rid of bed bugs at home.

Tea Tree Oil

There are a lot of different natural oils that one can use when dealing with pests, but one of the most commonly used oil is Tea Tree Oil. This is very much useful especially to those who are dealing with bed bugs. Just like Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil gives off a very tangy smell that repels a lot of different insects such as bed bugs in particular. Also, to add the fact that using these types of substances is very much friendly to the environment and is safe especially to those who have kids and pets living at home. All you have to do is simply mix in the natural oil with water in order to create a spray that you can use for different parts of your home.

Call In Pest Control Experts!

Go-Forth Pest Control is your team when it comes to dealing with different types of pests at different levels of infestations. Our company has been in the pest control industry ever since the year 1959 and we have been ever since known to provide the best, affordable, and quality pest treatment services in the whole Triad area. We see to it that our field experts are trained well and equipped enough to provide the services that our customers deserve. So what are you waiting for? Call our team now!

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