Home Remedies & Treatments For Insects In Raleigh, NC

April 24, 2018

Insect infestations in homes can prove to be a major problem to those living in them whether they are crawling insects or flying insects, not to mention how painful their bites may be. Luckily there are home remedies and treatments for insects in Raleigh, NC homes when they start to become bothersome which include use of insecticides.

Insect Control

Many people may prefer not to spray insecticides because of potential health risks they pose, in that case these other home remedies can be used to send out the creepy crawlies:

Citrus Juices

Juice from citrus fruits especially from lemon and orange, are useful as a home treatment to insects because the strong scents and acidic contents are things that most insects cannot stand so it helps keep them away. Alternatively to using their juices, powdered peels can be sprayed around insects’ hideouts to drive them out of the house.


Sometimes the simple answer to home infestation of insects is to clean out the home and let in a little air. Dirt, dampness and dark corners are generally laced where insects may stay in a house and make a home, spotting these insect friendly spots in houses and reduces them as much as possible is a way of dealing with these insects.

Soapy Water

Sprinkling soapy water mixture from spray bottles on insects can be used to get rid of them. This works by the way water causes a deletion of oxygen for the insects and in return suffocating them hence killing them, a plus could be making the soapy water mixture from lemon flavored soaps or detergents.

Natural Oils

Some natural oils are also insect repellent when sprayed around the house, examples of some of them are peppermint oils, tea tree oils, neem oils and so on. They also leave the home smelling nice.


Some insects are naturally repellent to certain foods like cucumber, mint leaves, garlic, lemon grass, black pepper and so on, leaving these foods at some places around the house can help to get rid of insects around the house. These home remedies though simple, go a long way in treating insects around the home to give a comfortable insect free house.  

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