Warding Off Winter Pests: Proactive Control For All Seasons In Charlotte

November 17, 2023

Winter is one of the hardest seasons to keep up with pest control in Charlotte. Since most pests become less active as they hunker down for the cold months, you would think that it would actually get easier to keep pests at bay, but the opposite is true. Many pests, especially those not native to our area, depend on people to get them through the winter. This means they become even more motivated to get into your house when it’s cold. 


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Cold-Weather Creatures: Common Winter Pest Culprits

Lots of different pests can and will invade your home during the fall and winter. They can be motivated by the lack of food and liquid water during the cold months, or they may be simply seeking shelter from unpleasant winter weather. Common pests that can invade your home in winter include:

  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Flies
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Stink bugs

Different pests come into your home for different reasons. Ants are likely looking for food in the only place they can get it. Rodents may want to get out of the cold. And spiders are just following all the cockroaches, flies, and other bugs into your house. 

Winter Pest Invasions: Understanding The Seasonal Challenge

Winter is a tough time for most animals, and the pests that commonly invade our homes are no exception. These urban animals live in close proximity to humans, so we are often their most convenient source of food and shelter during the cold months. Indeed, non-native species often become entirely dependent on humans during this time. 

While some pests will establish a clear presence in your house – with several different rodent species being among the noisiest and most obvious winter invaders – others can get into your home without you knowing. 

For instance, stink bugs will sometimes invade your home in the fall and hunker down over the winter. They’ll spend the cold months with you, but you’ll be none the wiser until they all try to escape in the spring. Then, they’ll crawl all over your house by the thousands. This is why you have to be vigilant for all kinds of winter pest infestations.

Preventive Measures: Winter Pest Control Before The Snow Falls

To keep your Charlotte home safe from winter pests, you’ll want to take precautions both before and during the winter. Before the winter, you’ll need to inspect your home for potential entryways. Repair damage that pests could use to get inside, and cover construction gaps with metal mesh to stop rodents. 

During the winter, you’ll want to be especially careful about properly storing food and garbage. This can be difficult with all the holiday candy and leftovers piling up, but the more food you have out, the more attractive your home will be to a wide variety of pests. So keep your garbage tightly covered and store all foods either in airtight containers or in the fridge. 

Safeguard Your Home From Winter Invaders: Contact Us Today!

For total protection from pest invasions, the best thing to do is contact dependable pest control professionals. Here at Go-Forth Pest Control, we understand how pests operate during the winter. We know all the sneaky tricks they use – from nesting inside your walls to squeezing into your pantry food packages – so we know how to combat them. 

For the best winter pest control services, don’t waste your time and money tucking ineffective mousetraps under your sink or putting out dangerous poisons in your pantry. Look no further than the experts here at Go-Forth Pest Control! We’ve got your back all winter long. 


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