What Do Roaches Hate? (Columbia Exterminators)

August 12, 2020

Roaches are one of the most common insects we encounter in our homes and businesses. These creepy and annoying creatures are hated by many. Cockroaches do not usually bite but this does not mean it is okay to have them in your home. These creatures are carriers of different diseases that can harm you and your family. Having roaches also does not mean that your house is dirty or filthy because even if you maintain and clean your house regularly, their presence can still be seen and felt as they can easily find food and water without much trouble.

an american cockroach

Roaches are mostly active at night. While we are relaxing or sleeping, these filthy little creatures start searching for water and food. They are scavengers by nature and love warm and damp environments. We normally see them where there is enough food and water like in the kitchen and in the dining area, but we can also see them in the bathroom, laundry area, basements, and drains.

How Would You Know If You Have A Roach Problem In Your Home?

It is normal to see a cockroach every once in a while, or once or twice in a few months. Experiencing more frequent cockroaches appearance is a different story though. If you have been seeing roaches from time to time, it is time to investigate before it becomes too late.

It is easy to determine if there are roaches in your home. You can start by checking in the areas where they normally hide like kitchen surfaces, behind appliances, under the sink, and through all the storage areas like cupboards, cabinets, and other similar places. Look for cockroach eggs, shed skins, and droppings.

Eggs - Cockroach eggs are easy to identify. These are small brown or tan capsules shaped like a pill or a coffee bean. If you see some of these, you can crush them or douse them with pesticides to kill the embryos. One ootheca can actually contain up to 50 cockroach eggs so getting rid of it as soon as you find one is surely your first step to prevent roach infestation.

Droppings - Roach droppings are like specks of pepper or dark grains of rice. The size of their feces varies on the size of the cockroach. They produce a large number of feces and they normally defecate close to their nesting or feeding areas.

Skin sheds - Cockroaches shed their skin between 5-8 times as they grow through the various lifecycle stages to adulthood. So if there are cockroaches in your home or there is an infestation, you will most likely see sheddings around.

Unusual smell - Cockroaches produce an unusual smell that normally stays on places and things they touch. It is a very unpleasant odor so you will easily know that something had been touched by these pesky creatures as soon as you smell it. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Roaches Without Using Pesticides Or Harmful Chemicals?

When you are able to identify that there really are roaches in your home, the first thing you want to do is to get rid of them. The question is, are you ready to use non-toxic materials to kill these pests? There are people who are not in favor of using pesticides or insect sprays that can be purchased over the counter. There are different reasons why. Some are hesitant to use toxic repellents because they know the harmful effect it can bring to themselves, family members, and pets. Some do like to use it. So, is there a way to get rid of cockroaches naturally? The answer is YES!

Cockroaches are blessed with an amazing sense of smell. This is what they use when seeking food and mate but at the same time, this is also their weakness. A cockroach’s sense of smell can be used to get rid of them. There are smells they can not stand so we can use this to shoo them away from our homes. Here are some of the things or smell that roaches hate:

  • Citrus - There are people who love the smell of citrus. In fact, this is one of our favorites when it comes to drinks, juices, and even fragrances. But this is one of the smells that keep cockroaches away. Making your own citrus spray or placing some citrus peels around your home will help you get rid of these pests. 

  • Cucumber - Based on studies, cockroaches do not like cucumbers because this gives them gas. Putting some slices of cucumber in an infested area might help. Once the cockroaches start eating some, this will surely give them a hard time. 

  • Lavender - If you are a person who loves growing lavender, then look no further because these lovely plants will be your defense against cockroaches. Roaches hate the smell of lavender and it will help if you will place them around your home.

  • Garlic - Garlic is one of the main ingredients we use when cooking our favorite dishes. But did you know that this not only makes our dishes delicious? It also helps us get rid of roaches. Sprinkling some garlic powder in the corners of your home or in the infested areas will do the trick. Roaches hate the smell of garlic so using this as a defense will help us prevent roach infestation. 

  • Borax - Borax is probably our most effective defense against different kinds of pests, not just roaches. Sprinkling some or spraying a mixture of water and borax in places where you suspect cockroach infestation will help you get rid of them. This substance contains ingredients that damage roaches’ digestive system, thus killing them eventually. 

  • Mint or eucalyptus - Roaches hate the smell of mint too. You can use this in many different ways. From placing these plants in the corners of your house or using the eucalyptus’ essential oil as a spray. 

  • Clove oil - This works best with other essential oils like peppermint or citrus. Just mix a few drops of these oils and add some water then use it as a spray in infested areas.

In Cases Where The Infestation Is Already In Place Though, There Are Also Steps You Can Do:

First, make sure to keep your place clean. While it is true that even a spotless house is not exempted from having pests or roaches, the chance of being infested is less compared to those who do not clean regularly. One of the first places to go to is your kitchen. Make sure to wash the dishes as soon as you are done eating and cooking, wipe the counter and table, and make sure there are no food or crumbs left as these can easily attract roaches. Store all food in an airtight container and make sure there is no way for the cockroach to get inside it.

Remove any clutter if possible. Roaches live in dark, humid, and messy places so best to throw cardboard, paper, or anything that is no longer useful, otherwise, this will be used as their hiding place or shelter. Get rid of empty cartons and shoe boxes if you no longer need them.

It is also important to make sure that garbage bins are sealed so there is no way for them to get inside. Dispose of your garbage regularly as this is the very first thing they go to when they need food.

Getting rid of any entry points will also help prevent roaches from getting inside your home. Sealing entry points such as cracks and crevices, crawl spaces, and closing doors and windows at all times will block off these creatures and will keep your home free not just from cockroaches but from all the other pests as well.

Last but not the least, get help from professionals. If you suspect an infestation, best to consult someone who is knowledgeable and trusted enough to completely eliminate your pest problem. 

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