What Kills Bed Bugs? (Greensboro Exterminators)

June 18, 2020

When bed bugs are infesting your home, you can wake up with bites all over your body. The bug is pesky as it can infest your home or business. Bed bugs are good in biting as they need to do it for survival.

The pest will look for a human or animal host and try to stay near you. They will feed on you when you are asleep—that is how you get itchy, red, and bumpy bites.

Bed bugs begin to infest homes when you bring them back to your property. Sometimes, the main reason why you have the pest is because you might have visited a bed bug-infested area. Because of this, the pest quickly clings to you and your belongings. You cannot easily detect the pest unless you experience their bites.

When you have bed bugs, it is best to get rid of them by killing them. Eliminating them will stop bed bug infestations from occurring. There are several ways you can get rid of them, but only a few can kill them. If you want to have a bed bug free home, you need the help of Greensboro, NC exterminators because they know what to do around the pest.

Aside from hiring bed bug exterminators, there are other ways on how you can kill bed bugs. Sometimes, what you have at home is what will help you with your problem.

Check these out!

Ways To Eliminate Bed Bugs

Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have a vacuum cleaner at home? If you do, you have one of the best killers or eliminators for bed bugs. This appliance does not only help to keep your home clean and dust-free, but it can be your partner in eliminating bed bugs. A vacuum cleaner can absorb all the bed bugs found on your property. Vacuuming regularly can make a big change. You should never miss a spot because as we all know, bed bugs can hide almost everywhere. You should vacuum everything from mattress down to carpets to remove the pest for good.

Make sure that you replace and clean the bag in the vacuum. This will prevent bed bugs from coming back inside your home. If vacuuming is not enough, Greensboro area exterminators can quickly come to you and offer help.


Aren't you surprised to see acetone in the list as a bed bug killer? You better be! The liquid is not only good in removing nail polish, but also pesky bed bugs. When you directly apply acetone on the pest, it can kill bed bugs effectively. When you pour the solution on the pest, it will dry the bodies, and eventually, the pest will die. Once bed bugs are dead, immediately vacuum the area to keep it clean and bed bug-free. Acetone can kill the live bed bugs infesting your property. However, if you want to kill the eggs as well, this solution cannot help. For total bed bug elimination, Greensboro Exterminators are the people you need because they do not only eliminate live ones, but also bed bug eggs are exterminated to stop the pest’s generation from continuing.

Diatomaceous Earth

If you want an effective killer for bed bugs, diatomaceous earth (DE) is the one. This is a powder that works wonders as it can eliminate the pesky bed bugs in your property. Since you are dealing with a pest that has an exoskeleton body, diatomaceous earth is a perfect choice. It can permeate through any exoskeleton so your problem will be solved. The powder comes from fossilized algae and is easy to use. You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth on areas where bed bugs are present but make sure to apply a thin layer because the pest can easily identify white particles.

Once they see that you have applied diatomaceous earth where they are crawling, they will not crawl over it. Instead, they will find another route to avoid the powder. When bed bugs walk over diatomaceous earth, they will eventually die. This is because DE will remove the fluids in their bodies which will lead them to dehydration.

Essential Oils

Another good killer for bed bugs is essential oils. If you think that the oils you have are only good for keeping your house fresh and fragrant, you got it wrong because essential oils are also perfect for bed bugs. You can use lavender, cedarwood, mint, and clove oils to eliminate bed bugs. These oils will suffocate the pest effectively. If you want a safe, non-toxic, and chemical-free spray for your bed bug problems, essential oils are the ones you need. However, even after spraying, if the pest is still around, Go-Forth Pest Control should be called immediately for a quick response.

Rubbing Alcohol

Several people are recommending rubbing alcohol for bed bugs and they are not wrong. Rubbing alcohol helps to get rid of bed bugs because it can kill the pest without harming you and your family. You have to dilute the alcohol in water and spray it directly on the pest. What is good with rubbing alcohol is, after spraying, it will evaporate so it will not cause any harm to humans and pets. Though this helps in killing bed bugs, it does not guarantee complete elimination. Rubbing alcohol is not capable of eliminating bed bugs eggs. That is why a pest management company, such as Go-Forth Pest Control is still needed when you want to remove all bed bugs found in your home.

These are the things in your household that can help in killing bed bugs infesting your property. You don’t have to spend too much on exterminating the pest. However, if a serious infestation is occurring in your property, you should not rely on household items, but you have to seek help from Greensboro exterminators.

What To Do When You See Bed Bugs

Have you thought of what to do when you have bed bugs at home? We will tell you so that you will not make the situation worse.

  • Be calm when you see bed bugs or have known that the pest is present in your home or business. You can always get rid of them by assessing your place and applying pest control.

  • Keep infested items in an infested room. If you move out any item in another room that has bed bugs, the pest can spread like wildfire, and eliminating them will take long and hard.

  • Treat your infested items instead of throwing them out. However, do not use outdoor pesticides because it can affect you and your family’s health.

  • Immediately wash linens, beddings, fabrics, and more that have bed bugs. Use hot water in laundering to kill the pest. The higher the heat, the better because it can successfully kill bed bugs.

  • Call a bed bug exterminator once you find out that bed bugs are present. A professional can inspect your home and can control the situation so that the problem will not get worse. With a professional bed bug exterminator, you will know the severity of the infestation and will be able to get advice to keep your home bed bug-free once treated.

When you have bed bugs, you should immediately make a move because if you leave the pest to move freely, your problem will never be resolved. If you need bed bug exterminators in Greensboro, NC, Go-Forth Pest Control can send them to you right away.

Why Go-Forth Pest Control?

Go-Forth Pest Control is your best choice when it comes to exterminating bed bugs and other pests in your property. Whether your house or business has few pests or more, you can always count on us as we have all the solutions to your pest worries.

We have over 50 years of experience and with this, we can guarantee successful pest elimination. We have the finest equipment and most effective treatments that you can never find from others. Go-Forth Pest Control will always exceed your expectations and give you the satisfaction you deserve to have.

Go-Forth Pest Control guarantees that no pest will be able to infest your property once we lay their hands on it. We have pest exterminators that are highly trained, certified, and expert in doing pest control. Whatever pest control services you need, our team of experts can do it for you professionally and we make sure to provide consistent results.

What are you still waiting for? Do not let pests ruin your property or affect you and your family’s health. Get rid of them instantly by calling Go-Forth Pest Control at 1-800-841-6113 and be among our happy customers in Greensboro, NC!

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