What Really Kills Roaches? (Burlington Exterminators)

May 1, 2020

Are roaches lurking in your property nowadays? Well, if it is frequently happening, it is now the time that you kill them before a severe infestation occurs which is more problematic. Roaches will always be annoying and whatever species of them you have at home, you will never be able to have peace of mind when you have them at home. 

Roaches are insects that have been in the world for a long time. With their long existence, they have already adapted to any chemical or pesticides used on them. Because of this, it becomes hard to get rid of or kill them because they can get away quickly or worse, will not even be bothered. There are several ways to get rid of roaches but not all can kill them.

Killing cockroaches is among the hardest things you’ll experience because they are hardy. Simple sprays will never be enough so you have to know what could be the best killer for roaches. If you want roaches to be eliminated and completely gone in your property, Burlington area exterminators are the answer. Professional pest exterminators can deal with any pest most especially roaches.

If you have roaches at home and would like to get rid of them for good, then here are the things that can kill them successfully.

Cockroach Baits

One of the best roach killers is roach baits. It is effective in eliminating cockroaches at home especially if the baits are poisonous. Baits will attract and lure roaches so if you apply it at home, your worries are easier to resolve. According to Go-Forth Pest Control's Burlington, NC exterminators, proper placement of baits will work so you have to install baits on areas where roaches are usually present. You can put it in entry points where the pest enters and exits and also in places they hide.

Once roaches take the bait, it will take some moments to work, and eventually, they will die. The more you put baits, the higher chance of killing all roaches in your home. When you decide to use baits for roaches in your property, you have put it on areas that will not be easily reached by children or pets because it can poison them as well. If you want to know what baits are effective in killing roaches, better seek help from professionals.

Roach Traps

Another way to kill cockroaches is by putting traps all over the place. Some traps work for roaches while others don’t. We know that roaches are great runners as they can crawl as fast as lightning. With this, you cannot easily catch up with them as they can run away and you will not even find where they entered. If you want to kill roaches and prevent them from running away, you must use traps, but the ones with adhesive.

Traps with adhesive help in catching roaches successfully because when the pest can run over these traps, they will never be able to escape as they are stuck on the traps. What makes adhesive traps good is that it can lure roaches due to the glue it has. You might not know but roaches eat glue that makes them dirty. When you put the trap properly in your house, you can easily trap the pest but make sure that you will put it on areas that are not easy to reach. But, if traps still don’t work on roaches, Burlington exterminators should be called right away. 

Hire A Cockroach Exterminator

If you want to kill roaches successfully, one of the best solutions is by hiring a cockroach exterminator. Yes, an exterminator is a perfect choice for exterminating any pest because he knows what to do with roaches. Even though you have to spend hundreds of dollars for an exterminator, it is worth the pay because a cockroach exterminator is well-rounded in handling roaches. Like Go-Forth Pest Control, an exterminator can resolve infestations no matter how severe it is.

An exterminator will not only get rid of the live pests crawling around your home but he will also remove eggs and nests. With this, your roach problem will be resolved in no time and no future infestations can occur. If you think that spending money on a cockroach exterminator is regretful, you will regret it more if you don’t call an exterminator to help you kill cockroaches in your home because the pest is not only good in infesting but also in spreading diseases.

These are the things that can kill roaches in your property. You should never leave cockroaches ignored when they are in your property because if you do, they will keep on infesting and will never leave your place. 

Things That Don’t Kill Roaches

If there are things that can kill roaches, there are also ones that can’t kill them. Most of the things that can’t eliminate roaches are what almost everyone believes in and because of this, their pest problems are not resolved. Here are things that can't kill roaches in your home that you need to know.:

Water & Soap

If you think that soap and water can effectively kill roaches, you are wrong. The combination of soap and water may work on other pests but in roaches, it can never work on roaches. Though spraying soapy water roaches will help in slowing them down but it doesn’t mean they will die in the end. You have to know that slowing their movement will not do any good because afterward, they can move fast again once the effect of water and soap mixture is gone. If you want to remove roaches in and out of your property, Go Forth Pest Control are the best people to approach.

Cucumber Peelings 

Several people are using fruit peelings in eliminating or killing pests such as cockroaches. One of the most used peels is from cucumbers. We know how healthy cucumbers are and the peels have a good use. However, in killing cockroaches, cucumber peels can’t kill them effectively. The peels can help in repelling pest but it will not guarantee total elimination. If you only want to ward off roaches in certain places, you can put cucumber peels on areas where roaches usually appear. But, if you plan to kill the pest using it, that won’t do anything and that could even be a waste of time. 

Herbs & Citrus Extracts

If you have citrus fruits at home and have read that its extracts are good in killing roaches, then you might be having a false hope because the truth is, citrus extracts will never be enough to kill them. The smell of citrus may work in deterring them but if you use it to get rid of them, it will not work. Though citrus is acidic and you think it will be the cause of death for the pest, better let Go-Forth Pest Control do it because they can successfully kill any pest. Like herbs and essential oils, these can’t be the answer in killing pests like cockroaches in your home. You should not easily believe in what other people say or what you read on the internet.

Here you go!

These are the things you need to avoid when you want to succeed in killing roaches because these are not indeed effective in eliminating them. It can only slow them down and repel them but it will never be the reason to lose their lives. We know how hardy roaches are so these things are never enough to scare them.

If you want to kill the pest, what you need is a pest control company, not peels, soap, water, herbs, and more.

Call The Pest Control Company In NC That Is Highly Recommended

If you are searching for a pest control company in Burlington, NC that can help you with your pest problems, the only company you can always run to is Go-Forth Pest Control.

Go-Forth Pest Control is a pest control company in North Carolina that offers a wide range of pest control services that are effective in resolving your pest issues. From cockroach control down to termite control, they can do it for you in high-quality yet at affordable prices.

Go-Forth Pest Control has experienced pest control technicians to help you get rid of bugs that will help you achieve a pest-free home. The company has been working in the industry for over five decades and with their long experience, they have already experienced a lot of pest problems and resolved everything successfully.

The company assures you that pest technicians that will work for you are highly trained, have certifications, and professional in performing their duties. Go-Forth Pest Control only wants what’s best for their customers so they make sure that they only apply effective and safe treatments that can get rid of any vermin.

If you need help in dealing with pests in your business or residence, Go-Forth Pest Control is the one you can always count on. Call them at 1-800-841-6113 today and talk with their best pest exterminators in town!

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