Why Are House Flies In Richmond, VA So Hard To Keep Out?

April 28, 2021

Just about every homeowner in Richmond has to deal with house flies sooner or later. These annoying pests can be a pain to get rid of and will only increase in numbers if the problem isn’t taken care of quickly. But besides being a nuisance, house flies can spread disease and threaten the health of you and your family. So, why are house flies in Richmond so hard to keep out?

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What Are House Flies?

There are more than one hundred thousand species of flies in the world, but common house flies are the most frequently encountered by people. House flies measure between 1/8 and 1/4 inch in length and have a dark gray or blackish coloration. They have large compound eyes, a single pair of wings, and oval-shaped bodies covered in hair.

Most of us don’t think much of the occasional housefly. We can either swat it down or, by some miracle, manage to get it to leave through an open window. Typically, one fly doesn’t amount to much of a problem. But there if there are good breeding grounds on your property, one house fly can soon become one hundred.

House flies are prolific breeders. Eggs take a day or less to hatch, and a female fly can lay up to 900 eggs in her lifetime. House fly maggots only need one week to develop into adult flies, causing severe infestations when conditions are right. The thought of swarms of buzzing flies on your property isn’t pleasant, but what’s worse are the diseases house flies carry.

Are House Flies Dangerous?

House flies don’t bite or sting, but they have a knack for spreading disease. House flies feed and breed in some truly gross places. Garbage cans full of rotten food, pet and livestock droppings, and even dead bodies are favorite hangout spots for flies. The pathogens house flies pick up in these nasty places are then carried with them into your home where they are transferred either through contact or defecation.

Diseases caused by house flies include salmonellosis, cholera, tuberculosis, and gastroenteritis. They might not be especially destructive or aggressive pests, but like rats and cockroaches, house flies are dangerous because of the illnesses they cause.

Tips For Preventing House Flies

House flies can be hard to get rid of but following a few simple tips can help to prevent an infestation from developing:

  • Clean around the house. Consistent cleaning is the best defense against house flies and many other common pests. Make sure to clean up the areas where you eat and prepare food, take out the trash regularly, and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Clean up your yard. Don’t leave pet droppings behind. Clean up after your furry friends to prevent flies from laying eggs in their waste.
  • Seal cracks and gaps. House flies can enter your home through the smallest openings. Check your property for gaps around pipes and cables leading into your home and seal with caulk.
  • Repair screens and weather stripping. Check for any tears in screen windows and doors and patch them as needed.
  • Replace any faulty weather stripping or door sweeps.
  • Close the door. Just being aware of the front door can have a big impact on the presence of house flies. Try not to leave doors open for long periods of time.

If you need assistance with house flies in Richmond, get in touch with the experts at Go-Forth Pest Control. With our professional services, we’ll eliminate house flies and other common pests at the source and prevent them from coming back. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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