Why Do I Have A Silverfish Problem In My Greensboro, NC Home?

January 6, 2021

Some pests are as bizarre as they are common, like silverfish. While these small bugs look pretty gross, they are far less dangerous than people assume they are based on their unsightly appearance. However, having an infestation of them on your property can lead to damage and any pests that are left unchecked can become larger problems. Learning how silverfish get into homes and what they look for will help you target prevention methods that actually work.

silverfish crawling on paper

Silverfish: Unsightly But Not Harmful

With their many legs and barbed bodies, silverfish look a lot more formidable than they really are. They don’t bite people or pets and they are mostly foraging insects that don’t even hunt other bugs. Instead, they look for protein and fiber-rich food or household items, including furniture and fabrics that contain animal products such as wool or leather. They will also get into stored food areas to access dry grains and other products. So, while silverfish aren’t harmful to you directly, they can certainly be harmful to your property and your pocketbook. That’s why you should make sure that you’re doing everything you can as a homeowner to prevent silverfish from ever invading your home.

Why Silverfish Invade Homes

As tiny foragers, silverfish benefit greatly from having access to homes that provide them with all they need to survive. Here are some of the biggest attractants of silverfish populations:

  • Food: Anything that’s left sitting out or accumulating in the tough-to-reach spots of your home can be a meal for silverfish. They’ll also make it into pantries or fridges and chew through packaging to access food.

  • Upholstery: Silverfish also eat animal fibers that contain keratin, a rich source of nutrients for many kinds of small insect pests. Accessible leather furniture or cloth blends in your curtains and other household items can be food for silverfish, too.

  • Moisture: Silverfish are attracted to moist environments, so they are often found in damp areas of a home, like bathrooms and kitchens.

Silverfish Prevention For Your Home

To reduce your risk of pest infestations of all kinds, you can address those factors that attract them. But what about how to prevent pests from having access at all? Small foragers don’t need all their needs met immediately to want to seek shelter inside if they have the option. This is why it’s important to stay on top of the following household maintenance:

  • Cracked Sealing: Small bugs can make it inside your walls through incredibly small cracks in your exterior. Routinely check for and fix any problems you find around your home.

  • Windows & Doors: Torn screens and gaps beneath door-jambs are another key access point for insects. Repair faulty screens and install door sweeps to keep pests out.

  • Pipes & Vents: While proper ventilation inside your home can reduce moisture buildup inside, you also need to be mindful of leaks within your walls. These can cause water damage and not only attract pests but make it easier for them to get inside.

Contact Professionals Today

Some pest prevention steps are easier than others for your average homeowner to address. While routine maintenance around your property will help, working with professionals ensures that you’re doing things correctly and thoroughly. Tiny pests can take advantage of even one slip-up, so partnering with local pest experts will help you stay one step ahead. At Go-Forth Pest Control, our proven prevention methods can keep silverfish -- and many other invasive pests -- from ever accessing your home. If pests are already there, only experts can implement safe and effective solutions that will actually solve the problem, not just kick the can down the road and delay a future outbreak.

For assistance on controlling silverfish, contact Go-Forth Pest Control today.

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