Yellow Jackets In Greensboro: Keeping These Aggressive Pests At Bay

July 8, 2022

Feeling cornered by a bunch of angry stinging insects in your own backyard? Whether you're currently dealing with a pesky yellow jacket nest near your Greensboro home, or just want to protect yourself from the possibility, the most important tool at your disposal is knowledge. That's why the team at Go-Forth Pest Control has worked to bring you this quick and easy guide to one of the most aggressive stinging insects in our area: the yellow jacket.
Read on to learn everything you need to know about these territorial social insects, including how to identify them, the actual threats they pose, and what to do if they've built a nest on your property. With this guide, successful pest control in Greensboro is easier than ever before!

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Is This A Yellow Jacket?

A yellow jacket wasp is actually fairly easy to identify. These insects bear a distinctive appearance, and leave behind some specific signs as to their presence on your property. There are a few different species of yellow jacket, but they all share visual similarities. Yellow jackets are flying insects with retractable stingers that build nests out of pulped wood fiber. They're about 3/8 inch long, with black abdomens bearing yellow-banded patterns. Their nests look like gray paper lumps, and can be found in a number of places, including under roof eaves, in trees or hedges, or underground.

Yellow Jacket Behavior And Potential Threats

If you identify yellow jackets in your house or around your yard, you should be very careful. These insects are notoriously territorial, and won't hesitate to sting you repeatedly if they feel you're intruding on their newly claimed space. Unlike bees, wasps are fully capable of stinging multiple times in succession with no risk of their stingers embedding in their victim. This makes yellow jackets exceptionally aggressive. Compounding this issue is the many inconvenient locations in which yellow jackets may construct their nests. Their instinct to find shelter in enclosed areas near easy food makes your home a prime target for them. Yellow jackets may build nests under roof eaves, on deck patios, inside outdoor play areas, or in any number of hazardous places.

How To Get Rid Of A Yellow Jacket Nest

Getting rid of yellow jackets can be dangerous, especially if you're attempting it yourself. Unfortunately, however, it can often prove to be an outright necessity due to the territorial nature of these stinging insects. There's an easy way to remove a nest, but prevention is best. Here are a few tips for effective yellow jacket control:

  • Seal off enclosed areas
  • Trim foliage regularly
  • Eliminate excess moisture
  • Clean spills and crumbs
  • Store garbage securely
  • Partner with a professional

The safest, most effective way to get rid of a yellow jacket nest will always be to contact the professionals. If you spot a yellow jacket nest on your property, you should never attempt to remove it on your own, lest you risk the wrath of the swarm. There's a much better method at your disposal – professional wasp control.

Go-Forth Pest Control: Effective Yellow Jacket Control In Greensboro

If you ever spot a yellow jacket nest on your property, don't hesitate to reach out to Go-Forth Pest Control for fast and effective yellow jacket nest removal in Greensboro. Our team of trained technicians can be there as soon as it's convenient for you, equipped with the tools and techniques necessary to remove the nest quickly and safely. Don't risk getting swarmed and stung by hordes of angry flying insects. Rely on Go-Forth Pest Control for fast, effective yellow jacket pest control, and reclaim your yard from these territorial pests.

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