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Best Pest Control For Ticks (Charlotte Exterminators)

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Ticks can cause harmful diseases to people in the Charlotte, NC area. Learn about the signs of these diseases and how to prevent them.  Read More

Tick Borne Disease: Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a painful and disabling disease that is spread by ticks. Learn more in this post about this disease, and steps you can take to protect yourself from it. Read More

Are Ticks Dangerous to Humans Too?

Ticks are especially active during the summer. Ticks bite, and their bites not only are very irritating and itchy, but can also transmit diseases. Read More

Pest Borne Diseases: Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is carried by ticks. There are ways to prevent and control this disease and Go-Forth Pest Control can help exterminate the ticks that carry Lyme disease. Read More

Can Lyme Disease Kill You?

You saw a tick, maybe one already bit you or your beloved pet. You’re probably wondering if you should be alarmed because of the bite or if you should be taking any measures right away. Ticks are… Read More


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