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Greensboro, NC's Helpful Guide To Pantry Moth Control

indian meal moth in pantry

Are you doing everything you can to avoid a pantry moth infestation? Learn more here. Read More

Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Moths? (Columbia, SC…

Moths are one of the most common insects that infest homes. While they come in a variety of gorgeous designs, they cause damage to our properties. As much as we want to see them bring color into our… Read More

Do Not Allow Pantry Pests To Spoil Your Holiday Cheer

Pantry pests that you would have to look out for are the Indian meal moths, the merchant grain beetles, and ants. These insects are common household pests, targeting mostly the pantry and kitchen. All… Read More

Moth Control Company Near Greenville SC

Moths are first introduced into the United States in 1869 by an amateur entomologist from France named Etienne Leopold Trouvelot. He wanted to establish a silkworm industry in North America, so he… Read More


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