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Pest Control To Get Rid Of Rats (Greenville, SC…

Rats are very destructive neighbors. They bring damage to property, transmit several nasty diseases, and wreak havoc to households in general. These creatures chew on private properties, like your… Read More

Pest Control For Rats (Thomasville Exterminators)

Rats have no place in Thomasville homes. These relentless and clever creatures are a major pest not only in Thomasville, but in all parts of the world as well.   Read More

Pest Control for Rats Near Me (Greensboro Exterminators…

Are you fond of Mickey Mouse? If you are, better limit your fondness on the character alone because you’ll never want to have a real rat in your home. We know that Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse are… Read More

First-aid Tips For Rat Bites

When threatened, they can even bite humans, and their bites are painful. Their bites are also very dangerous because they can transmit diseases like leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, tetanus, and… Read More

How To Stop Rat Infestation At Home

A rat infestation can cause many problems for homeowners. They carry disease and can destroy homes. There are ways to determine if you have a pest problem and ways to prevent pests as well. Read More

How To Exterminate Rats In Your Home

Rats, unlike mice, need lots of water so expect them to travel inside and outside of your home. Therefore, make sure to seal up entry points, cracks, or holes. Sheet metal along door bottoms and… Read More


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