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There are about 2,000 species of rodents, the largest group of mammals in the world. These creatures are present almost everywhere; deserts, swamps, forests, and even in our homes. Learn how to… Read More

What To Do When Attacked By Rodents

Rats are usually peaceful but can transmit dangerous diseases when they bite. Learn more about rat bites, the ailments they can cause, and how to prevent rats from appearing in your premises. Read More

Rat Borne Disease: Leptospirosis

Rats can spread pest-borne diseases such as leptospirosis. In this post, we find out more about leptospirosis and how to prevent yourself from catching it. Read More

How To Stop Mice And Rats From Ruining Your Ride

Rats are not only known to be nuisance pests but also transmitters of diseases. Find out more about them and the diseases they transmit, plus tips on how to keep them out of your car. Read More

The Rodent Family: Friends And Foe

When we say rodents, a lot of people think only of rats and mice; after all, these two species are the most common in our neighborhood. For this reason, rodents, in general, have a bad reputation… Read More

Pest Borne Diseases: Hantavirus

Rodents in your home can cause many problems, one of the more serious is disease transmission. The Hantavirus can be detrimental to your health but there are ways to prevent it. Read More

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