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Spotting an ant in your home or office is never a good sign. Go-Forth Pest Control in Burlington can help exterminate the problem fast. Even though you only spot one ant, there are more hiding waiting to come out. Our technicians know where to look for the ant colonies and will make sure they are taken care of. The products we use are strong enough to kill the pests, but are also kid and pet-friendly. Call Go-Forth today to get control of your ant problem or click to get a free quote now.

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Types Of Ants

There are three common ants that like to invade a household or building. One is the house ant that appears black. These are attracted to sugar and water which is why they are commonly found in the kitchen and bathrooms. The next is the carpenter ant that is attracted to wood on your property. Unlike termites that eat the wood, they like to chew through it and cause just as much damage to your home. The last most common ant is the red fire ant. They are found mostly at playgrounds and in backyards. They create ant hills for their colonies and if they are destroyed they become angry. These ants will bite and leave red, itchy bumps behind.

Ants can surely damage your home slowly when you let them do their thing. If you don’t get rid of them, fire ants, carpenter ants, or black ants might infest your home. These ants can come inside your home anytime because they can pass through holes, gaps, or cracks no matter how small they are.

These different types of ants can be bothersome to your property and can get out of hand when a great number exists. Their infestation can spread easily so getting rid of them is the best solution. If you don’t want them to be a nuisance to you and your family, call a professional exterminator who can provide pest control services.

How We Get Rid Of Ants

Ants can infest a home no matter its cleanliness or size as long as their need is present - which is food. Having food sources can attract ants easily which can worsen when their colony attacks. To get rid of ants, call Go-Forth now!

Here at Go-Forth, we offer services that are effective in eliminating ants, bugs, insects, and other pests. We guarantee that our treatment for ants are safe and will never cause any illness to you and your family. Our technicians will inspect your property to see where those ants are coming from. Once we see their colony, we will apply appropriate treatment which can eliminate the entire colony. Through our effective measures, those ants will be driven away successfully.

Don’t let those ants march freely in your property. Get rid of them as soon as possible to avoid any infestation. Go-Forth is the one you need. Call us today!

Ant Company Near Me

Go-Forth is a local ant control company near you in Burlington which is always on the go whenever you need our professional services. Customers in local areas are also served as well. Call us today and experience our same-day service from our excellent and well-rounded local exterminator! Let Go-Forth Pest Control take care of your ant extermination in Burlington today.


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