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Bed Bug Facts

These pests are nocturnal and like to feed on exposed skin while we are sleeping. They travel into our home from pets or luggage if you have just taken a vacation. They leave itchy bites on your skin making you feel uncomfortable. Even though they are most common in beds, they have been found on furniture and carpet. Even if you get rid of your mattress that had bed bugs, they could have traveled to other parts of your home.

Bed bugs are nocturnal. They will attack you while you are sleeping. They are more active during the night as they get attracted to the carbon dioxide you release. Once they sense it, they will immediately go out of their hiding places to feed on you. When they begin to suck your blood, don’t be surprised to have bed bug bites once you wake up.

Bed bugs don’t only live in cities, but they can also be found even in rural areas as they are not picky when it comes to their home or host. They will come to you whenever they want as long as they find what they need - food and shelter. They will sneak inside and will live in areas which you don’t normally check like mattresses, bags, luggage, picture frames, boards, and more.

Bed bugs are easily enticed when they found heat and darkness in your home. Your kitchen can be a place for bed bugs to infest especially on areas that are warm and dark. So, don’t be overconfident that those bed bugs will only be around your bedroom because they can infest any part of your home. Bed bugs are pests which are not easy to handle. They can transfer from one area to another which makes it difficult for them to be eliminated. Because of this, you need the help of an exterminator who is experienced in providing pest control services.


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