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Do you need ant control in Durham, NC? Our expert Durham ant exterminators will be happy to help you exterminate your ant infestation. We service the local Raleigh/Durham area, and we service both residential and commercial clients. An ant invasion is one of the common challenges that property owners face from time to time. Without regular inspections, an infestation can hit you - without you even seeing it coming. Ants are a nuisance and they will cause extensive damages on various areas of your property. Don’t live with ants any longer, give us a call today!

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From contaminating your food, to destroying furniture, to biting both humans and pets, an experience with ants is as frustrating as you could ever imagine it to be. While some ants invade your property only for food, others do it to establish their colonies. Depending on the type of ant infestation you are experiencing, there are a diverse range of ant control measures you can use to resolve the situation.

The use of bait for ant control has over the years proven to be one of the most effective control methods. Baiting is often a preferred option due to the fact that it eliminates the ants that come out of their nest, and can also get back to the nest and even kill the queen. If the right quality of bait is placed in the right position, the ants will consume it and carry some back to their nest where the queen will feed on it.

In order to get outstanding results, certain factors need to be kept in mind during baiting. First and foremost, you need to ensure that the bait is located in a place where it can easily be reached by the ants. Put it in an area where ant activity is evident and along their trails. Also, the bait should be positioned in an area clear of repellent insecticides as this may prevent the ants from getting to it.

When dealing with ants, it is noteworthy that killing the ants you see doesn’t have much of an impact on them. This is given the fact that the queen, the actual cause of the problem, hardly leaves its nest. The services of ant exterminators will certainly come in handy in finding the location of the queen and getting rid of it. Experts begin by conducting an inspection of the property to identify the location of the nest and queen. By spraying the ant nest, you will most likely get to the queen and eliminate it. This is just what you need for effective pest control.

To avoid all the hassles involved in controlling ants, you should consider hiring the services of an ant removal company. There are several benefits you receive from hiring professionals like Go-Forth Pest Control of Raleigh; one being the extensive range of services they provide. A majority of the companies begin by conducting an initial check in preparation for the actual extermination. Reputable companies (such as Go-Forth) have vast experience in the industry and are certainly better placed to solve your ant problem.

After eliminating ants, you need to observe the various available prevention measures to keep them off your property. You can either use repellents to prevent a re-invasion, or put in place extermination measures to get rid of them as soon as they get into your property. Either way, prevention will help protect your home from future invasions and save you money.


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