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Do you need flea control in Durham, NC? Our Raleigh/Durham flea exterminators are here to help you with your flea problem! Flea infestations are quite common, especially in households with pets. These pests get attached to the animal when the pet is around an infested area and they then inhabit it’s fur. If the animal comes indoors, fleas then spread around your house, infesting places such as carpets, furniture and various other areas.

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Fleas are often a menace, not only to pets but to humans as well, as their bites leave swollen and itchy marks. Some people are also allergic to fleas and may experience allergic reactions from their bites.

To prevent an awful experience with fleas, one needs to put in place an effective flea control strategy. The strategy should be able to both eliminate and prevent an infestation.

Effective flea control is a step-by-step procedure that involves three primary stages:

  • Inspection

  • Extermination

  • Prevention

Flea Inspection

Before embarking on flea extermination, it is important to begin by conducting a thorough inspection of the premises. Through the inspection, you will be able to identify the source of the problem, the extent of the infestation, and how to best control the fleas. Identifying the problem source is crucial to effective flea control. With knowledge of where the fleas are coming from, it is a lot easier for you to implement an extermination measure. For instance, if your pet is a host to the fleas, all you have to do is rid the pet of fleas and target areas in which the pet frequents.

Determining the extent of the infestation is also important as it helps you narrow down the best course of action. If the infestation is still mild, you only need to target the affected areas and the host animal. If extensive however, you may need to apply extermination measures throughout the premises.

Flea Extermination By Go-Forth Exterminators

After the initial inspection, the next part of the process is extermination. While you can do it yourself, it is a lot more effective when handled by professional flea exterminators. There are various measures that work well in exterminating fleas. You can begin by washing everything that has been exposed to the fleas. Your furniture, bedding, carpet, car seats, rugs, and the pet beddings need to be washed properly with cleaning agents that eliminate fleas.

Some flea exterminators tend to prefer the use of chemical agents in controlling the pests. They will spray the host pet and the area in and around the house. Care, however, needs to be taken when spraying the pet to prevent poisoning the animal. Vacuuming can also be used in flea control, especially in getting the fleas from carpets, cracks, and crevices. Baiting fleas also work pretty well.

Flea Prevention

After having an encounter with fleas, you will most definitely not want another experience with them. A way of ensuring this is by putting in place the right preventive measures. A flea removal company will probably treat your home, yard, and pet to keep the fleas at bay. There are other instances in which other pests (such as rodents) are the source of the infestation. In such cases, you will need to begin by eliminating the rodents and preventing their entry into your property.

These are the steps to effective flea control that will provide the ultimate solution to your flea problem.


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