Pest Control In Germanton, NC

Germanton, with its rich history and scenic views, isn’t just a great place for its residents to live. It’s also a perfect place for pests to call home. Local environmental conditions make the area a prime spot for pests of all kinds, and home and business owners need all the help they can get to battle these intrusive invaders. Fortunately, Go-Forth Pest Control is here to provide quality pest control in Germanton, NC, that protects local residents and properties from pests and the problems they bring.

Residential Pest Control In Germanton

Many Germanton residents mistakenly believe they can handle pests on their own. They might think that they can spot infestations with ease and treat them effectively with store-bought products. However, the reality is a lot more complicated. 

Most homeowners don’t have the training or the equipment to effectively deal with infestations. This is especially true when it comes to spotting infestations. Untrained eyes can miss many early signs of pest infestations that trained eyes would spot. This issue is especially problematic for dangerous and destructive pests, like termites and cockroaches. 

These pests can go weeks, months, and even years inside your home, exposing you to disease and inflicting serious damage the entire time. That’s why you need regular inspections and maintenance treatments from properly trained and equipped pest control experts. The consequences of not having regular home pest control services in Germanton can be a lot higher than professional pest control fees.


Why Mosquito Activity In Germanton Needs Professional Treatment 

a mosquito on human skin

Mosquitoes already have a reputation for being annoying. These pesky pests can ruin your backyard barbecue in a flash, and everyone knows that. What everyone might not know is that these biting bugs are actually some of the most dangerous pests you can encounter on your property. This is all thanks to the viruses transmitted by mosquitoes.

While mosquitoes in the U.S. do not generally carry the deadliest disease that these pests can spread (malaria), they do spread several different viruses that can cause severe symptoms, including encephalitis, or swelling of the brain. So you should avoid getting a breeding population of mosquitoes on your property.

Unfortunately, in the more humid parts of the country, it can be a lot harder to get rid of mosquitoes than you might think. Even if you eliminate all the standing water on your property, mosquitoes can often breed in standing water nearby and then fly onto your property to get the blood meals they need to lay their eggs.

This is why most commercial and residential properties in Germanton need professional mosquito treatments. Professional mosquito control services in Germanton can help keep mosquito populations down even if there are plenty of breeding sites for them to lay their eggs. This means it doesn't matter how wet the weather is. You still won't have to deal with pesky mosquitoes with the highly effective treatments from Go-Forth Pest Control.

Common Flying Pests Found Around Germanton

wasps on a nest

We have a number of different flying pests here in Germanton. Some of these pests are just annoying, while some can be more hazardous to your health or inflict painful stings.

Flying pests that you might encounter on your property include:

  • Flies
  • Moths
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Beetles

Bees and wasps are typically the pests that home and business owners worry about the most, and with good reason. These flying pests can inflict painful stings and can sometimes become aggressive or even violent in defense of their nests. However, they are not the only flying pests in our area that can be a problem.

Flies can be just as dangerous as bees and wasps not because they can sting, but because of the diseases they spread. Certain types of flies in our area can contaminate just about everything they touch. They regurgitate everywhere they land and carry human diseases like cholera, dysentery, and typhus. Thus, disgusting flies should be just as high on your flying pest control priority list as stinging bees and wasps.

Unfortunately, eliminating flies and stinging insects can be quite difficult, especially when you consider the fact that bees and wasps will defend themselves against your pest control efforts. For comprehensive fly, moth, beetle, bee, and wasp removal services contact the experts here at Go-Forth Pest Control. We have the knowledge and the equipment to safely remove these pests without exposing you to danger from their diseases or their stings.

Commercial Pest Control In Germanton

The consequences of failing to contract commercial pest control services can be even higher. On residential properties, the main problems with pest infestations are disease exposure and destruction of property.

You face these consequences with untreated infestations on commercial properties, as well, but there are also many additional consequences that business owners can face from pest issues, including:

  • Lawsuits
  • Fines
  • Bad reviews
  • Employee or client injury
  • Business reputation impacts

Nobody wants to patronize a business full of pests, so getting a reputation for being one can cause your revenue to take a serious hit. It can also get you in trouble with regulatory authorities in your area of commerce. 

The good news is preventing pest issues is easy with help from the experts here at Go-Forth Pest Control. We can help you protect your medical facility, office, industrial complex, and more from dangerous and destructive pests. So don’t wait until your commercial property already has serious pest issues. Contact us today for a free quote!


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