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How To Hang Christmas Lights On Roofs Without Gutters

The Christmas season is fast approaching, which means it's time to bring out those boxes where you keep your lights and other things for decorating, or go to the hardware store to get your tools. If you do not want to hang this year’s lights on a gutter, you can hang them on the roof. This is where it gets tricky. There are some ways to decorate your home in style, efficiently and safely. You need to be careful when hanging them to avoid ruining your roof, especially a shingle roof. The following steps will guide you on how to hang Christmas lights on your roof, even without gutters. 

Step One: Shingle Tab

Place one light bulb into each shingle tab ensuring that every bulb has its own tab. It will enable your light hangs straight. Slide the tabs under the roofing shingles, and make sure they are securely placed and do not wiggle. To remove the lights, simply glide the tab out from under the shingle and carefully wrap the bulb and tab as a unit - it will preserve your light for the coming year.

Step Two: All-In-One Clip

Place the light bulb carefully, either C7 C9 into the clip. You can also use icicle lights with these types of clips. However, follow the manufacturer’s instruction and remove the clip and light as one unit and wrap for storage after the holidays.

What To Avoid When Hanging Christmas Lights On A Shingle Roof

  • Avoid using staples when hanging lights on your shingle roof. Using staples will reduce the integrity, which makes your roof prone to leaks.

  • If you must walk on your roof, make sure you step on the center of the shingles, and not where they overlap; shingles are susceptible to damage from pressure no matter the material the shingles are made from.

  • Avoid placing lights where there is ice or snow present on the roof or ground; remember, ensuring your safety will guarantee a stress-free and happy Christmas holiday with your loved ones.

Hire A Professional To Hang Christmas Lights

Hanging Christmas lights on your roof will make your home look magical and beautiful. However, hiring a professional to hang the Christmas decorations will give you enough time to focus on other things, like getting presents for family and friends. Also, it prevents you from tampering with the integrity of your roof. For more inquiries on how to get the best Christmas lights services or how to get your home into the Christmas spirit, feel free to and call and ask Go Forth Pest Control. We fix your Christmas lights and also ensure you enjoy the holidays without unwanted guests invading your home.


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