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Did you just find out your pet has fleas? Go-Forth Pest Control in Lexington can help get rid of them before they take over your home. Fleas can have harmful effects on your pets and family if untreated. At Go-Forth, we have been in business since 1959. Our experience and knowledge with fleas allow us to take care of the problem quick and efficiently. Call Go-Forth today or click to get a free quote on your flea control now.

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Flea Facts

Once fleas invade your home, they start living in everything. They have been known to live in furniture, carpet, pet beds, and even car seats. Once you start noticing your pet scratching more than usual, get them checked out so they can be properly treated. The next step is to make sure your home is clear of fleas.

Fleas can cause heartworm in pets which can have a lot of negative side effects or even death. Fleas will not only bite animals, but usually bite humans too. They leave red, itchy marks that can even be turned into a rash. Some household products might work, but the only way to effectively remove fleas from your home is to call a professional.

Fleas can get out of hand because of their quick multiplication. Female fleas can lay eggs for 50 days with 40 to 50 eggs. Within its lifetime, 2,000 eggs are produced. With this, the infestation of fleas is possible to happen because they can easily multiply. The more they are in a property, the more the outbreak can worsen.

Larvae of fleas are not usually found on pets, but are hidden on carpets, beddings, fabrics, and upholsteries which are perfect places to develop. To prevent those larvae from growing, better wash those beddings, carpets, fabrics, and more with hot water.

Fleas are unstoppable when it comes to jumping. They can jump for 30,000 times which makes it easy for them to transfer from one place to another. When pets visit flea-infested areas, they can acquire those pests instantly without any notice. Because of this, dogs or cats can bring those fleas home, and the infestation can spread within the property. When fleas are uncontrollable, the best way is to call an exterminator who can perform pest control services which will eliminate those fleas, insects, bugs, and pests.

How We Get Rid Of Fleas

Fleas are difficult to eliminate on your own because they know where to hide. Doing DIY can either be successful or not. Hence, for those fleas, insects, bugs, or pests to be gone, a professional is what you need, and that’s Go-Forth. Here with us, our company provides effective flea control which can drive away those fleas for good. Our exterminator who performs our reliable services is highly trained, licensed, and certified.

Our company makes use of safe treatments and methods to keep you safe at all times. Rest assured that your pets will never be in danger once we perform pest control at your property. Don’t wait for your pets and property to get infested by fleas. Before they attack you and your pets, get them first by calling Go-Forth.

Flea Company Near Me

Go-Forth is a local flea control company near you in Lexington. We offer affordable yet high-quality pest control services which customers in local areas can also get. Call us today! Our customers have given us great reviews of our services. Let Go-Forth help with your flea control in Lexington today.


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