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Termite Facts

Termites never stop eating through your home or property. Since they are constantly working, it is hard to control them on your own. Some signs you may have them are squeaky floors, stuck windows, and rotting wood around your home. You can most likely spot them, and sometimes they resemble ants. Termites travel through the ground, so even if your neighbor has them you are at risk of having them too.

Whenever the environment is warm, termites are more active. They tend to eat more when the winter season is about to come. But, those places which are experiencing the warm season all year round are more prone to termite infestation since the pests will continue to eat and they don’t ever sleep. They only know how to eat and infest.

Termites build their mounds once they've found the perfect environment. They will create a colony which consists of the king, queen, workers, soldiers, and nymphs. They build their nests through digested wood, mud, saliva, soil, and feces. The workers are the ones that make the mounds and maintain it. The soldiers will protect the place and will kick the wall of their homes once they sense danger.

The queen termites have a longer lifespan and they can live up to 25 years. They give birth every 15 seconds which makes 30,000 eggs in a day. Termites can create severe damages if not eliminated immediately. To have peace of mind every day, it is best to have an exterminator check and treat your property.


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