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Do you need help getting rid of bed bugs in Mint Hill, NC? Go-Forth Pest Control of Charlotte is here to help you today. We have been in business since 1959 and know how to get rid of your bed bug problem. They will make sure they target the areas you are concerned with and look in areas they think bed bugs might be hiding. It is best to let a professional handle a bed bug extermination. Give us a call today or click to get a free quote on your bed bug control now.

bed bug in mint hill

Bed Bug Facts

Bed bugs love to travel into people’s homes when they return from vacation or staying in a hotel. You can even get bed bugs if your friend has them and you happen to sit on their furniture. This can transfer them into your own home where they will multiply. It is important always to check your items and luggage before you unpack to see if any bed bugs have attached to move into your home.

Bed bugs are transparent until they are filled with blood, so sometimes it is hard to spot them. Some signs if you have bed bugs are blood on your sheets or bites on your skin. Their bites can be painful and even turn into rashes for some people who have allergic reactions. Home remedies rarely work for this pest, and that is why it is essential to let a professional handle it.

Bed Bugs are attracted to exposed skin like your neck, arms, and hands. They like to live in warm environments which is why they are mostly found mattresses and box springs. They are most commonly found on furniture and even the walls of bedrooms. Let Go-Forth help with your extermination in Mint Hill, NC today.

Bed bugs do not only live in one area, they can be found everywhere! They can live in cities, small apartments, single-family houses, dorms, condominiums, and offices. They can also be found in public places like transportation centers, movie theaters, and schools.

Bed bugs cannot only live wherever they want, they can also be hardy as they can go without food for several months. They can continue to be pests even without having any blood, because they will cling onto furniture, luggage, and bags for some time before they look for a new host to feed on. Not only that, bed bugs are survivors; even if the temperature is 122 degrees or is already freezing. Because of this, they cannot be quickly eliminated with DIY measures.

Bed bugs are also smart because they know when to hide and when to go out. They will hide in mattresses, baseboards, picture frames, and box springs during the daytime. But when the night falls, they will go out and feed on human blood that’s why bed bug bites are evident. When bed bugs, insects, or pests are pestering your property, an exterminator is what you need.

How We Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Go-Forth knows the inconveniences that bed bugs bring, that’s why our company is here to help you solve your bed bug problems. As a company that caters pest control services, we see to it that we deliver your needs to give you a healthier and bed bug-free home. Our company makes use of treatments and methods that are proven to be effective in getting rid of bed bugs completely.

We don’t only eliminate bed bugs, we also get rid of insects, pests, and other bugs which keep on bothering your property. Just name the pests, and we have the proper solution for them. Whenever you need help in eliminating bed bugs, insects, or pests, don’t worry because Go-Forth is always ready to heed to your needs.

Bed Bug Company Near Me

Go-Forth is a local bed bug control company near you in Mint Hill. We offer high-quality services which you cannot experience from others. We don’t only serve one area, but our customers in local areas can also enjoy our services. Call us today!


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