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Rodent Facts

Rodents love to find warm environments to start their families in, and your home is the perfect place. Even though you only spot one rodent, there is probably a family hiding out somewhere in your home.

They love to hide in furniture and food pantries and can even be found in your walls. They have razor-sharp front teeth that never stop growing. This means they are continually sharp and can get through just about any material. If you spot small holes in food packages or droppings around your home, you probably have rodents.

Rodents can not only contaminate your household items and food, but can carry diseases and other pests into your home. They have been known to bring in ticks and fleas with them. They can also carry different diseases on their bodies or in their blood. Rodents can be hard to exterminate on your own because of how well they can hide on your property. It is best to let a professional handle your extermination in order to make sure they are gone from your home for good. Let Go-Forth help with your extermination today.

Rodents can spread diseases quickly. They can bring 35 diseases to humans which can be fatal if no medical attention is given. They carry viruses such as rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, and Hantavirus. Rodents spread those illnesses through their saliva, wastes, bites, and urine. Also, the other pests they bring like fleas and ticks are also carriers of diseases.

Rodents can easily increase their population due to their ability to reproduce quickly. Female rodents will give birth 15 times every year. They may not have a long lifespan, but they can multiply as soon as possible. The babies can also reproduce after six weeks which means that they will not stop reproducing in their lifetime. Whenever female rodents are around, expect that the infestation can become bigger in no time. Rodents are pests that should not be tolerated. They need to be eliminated as quickly as possible, and letting an exterminator do the work will help you achieve your goal.


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