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If you believe your home or place of business is infested with fleas, call Go-Forth Pest Control in Columbia, SC. Fleas can be harmful to yourself and pets if not treated immediately. Go-Forth can give you the assurance you need to make sure fleas are not infesting your home or bothering your pet. Go-Forth Pest Control of Columbia has years of experience in pest control and knows the right and best methods to eliminate fleas quickly from your home.

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Quick Facts About Fleas

  • Fleas are wingless and range from 1.5 to 3.3 mm long.

  • They move quickly through hair and dead skin.

  • Bed bugs can jump vertically up to 7 inches.

  • They must attach to a host to survive.

  • They can sometimes carry diseases.

Fleas & Your Pets

Fleas can attach to your pet and lay eggs to produce more offspring. They can give birth to hundreds and sometimes thousands of eggs in one lifetime when they attach to their host. It is most likely your pet will spread the fleas into your home and even in your furniture. Fleas have been known to infest couches, carpets, and even mattresses once they enter your home. Even though fleas only live up to 2-3 months, their offspring can hatch rapidly and continue to give you a problem in your home or place of business.

If you suspect your pet has fleas, get them to your veterinarian immediately to get the proper treatment. After you have treated your pet, call Go-Forth to ensure your home is rid of these pests. Fleas can infest your home and place of business rapidly if not treated properly. Call Go-Forth Pest Control in Columbia, SC today to eliminate or prevent a flea problem.

How We Get Rid Of Fleas

Fleas are the ultimate pests which can make your dogs or cats uncomfortable. They can cause allergic reactions and heartworms which can be dangerous to animals. But, fleas can also infest humans; that’s why it is better to get rid of them before it’s too late. Let Go-Forth handle them. Our company offers pest control services which are useful in eliminating fleas, insects, bugs, and pests infesting your property. We have the best exterminator in town who can handle and resolve your flea issues as quickly as possible.

Go-Forth uses methods that are guaranteed to get rid of fleas. We will come to your property and inspect the area meticulously to find these pests. We will also examine your pets like dogs and cats to know whether they are also infested. Once we know where those fleas are hiding, our exterminator will instantly apply treatments which are useful in getting rid of those nuisances. After the process, we can still conduct a follow-up visit to ensure that those fleas are indeed gone for good.

Flea Company Near Me

Go-Forth is a local flea control company near you in Columbia SC. We offer exceptional services which are not only available in one area but can be availed by our customers in local areas as well. Don’t let your family and pets suffer from the wrath of fleas, insects, bugs, or pests. Call Go-Forth once you see signs of infestation and we will gladly eliminate them. Call us today!


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