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So, you suspect you may have rodents? Our Columbia, SC rodent exterminators are here to help! Go-Forth Pest Control of Columbia has been dealing with rodents since 1959, with decades of experience dealing with all types of mice & rat infestations. We have seen every type of rodent problem out there, so let our experienced local Columbia exterminators help you get rid of your rodent problem today! We cover all areas near Columbia, SC like Forest Acres, Dentsville, West Columbia, Cayce, and Lexington, SC.

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All About Rats & Mice

With their furry body and bald ears and tail, a rat can be easy to identify. Rats are about 16 inches long and weigh an average of 10 oz. They sport large incisor teeth and tend to be in shades between brown and black. Rats will eat anything, from garbage to fruits, nuts, and other dead animals.

Female rats can give birth to up to 14 babies about five times a year. Rats can live for up to three years. Females typically make their nests in dark secluded areas like in walls, trees, crawlspaces, or plumbing areas. Their nests are typically found near their source of food and water.

The Problem With Rats

According to the CDC, there are 11 diseases that are directly transmitted, and 15 diseases indirectly transmitted by rodents. The Plague, Leptospirosis, Rat-Bite Fever, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome are just a few of these diseases. These diseases and bacteria have been a constant threat to human life in the past and in the present. Since rats travel through the muck and dirt in sewers, landfills, and walls they tend to be very dirty animals. Their paws and mouths contaminate any spaces they walk on or any food they get into. This is why it is important to disinfect any areas that rats travel to!

Signs Of An Infestation

As nocturnal creatures, rats are more active when the sun goes down. If you listen carefully at night and hear movement and noises coming from your attic or walls, then you might have rats. Rats typically hide from sight, so if you end up seeing a rat out in the open or in broad daylight then you probably have a large infestation. Other signs that there could be rats in your house are chewing marks on your furniture or objects.

Rats love to chew and they have been known to create large holes in floorboards, walls, and even concrete! Their marks will look large and feel rough. One more sign of a rat infestation is finding dead rats in your house. Dead rats can be found in walls, garages, or other secluded, dark areas. Often a foul odor coming from the wall could be a decomposing rat. In this case you should always call a pest control specialist.

Preventing Infestation

You can prevent rodent infestation by changing a few things around your house. First you must seal up any points of entry rats can use to invade your home. Next you can try setting traps. Most importantly, if you have rats you need to clean areas where rodents have been in order to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. You should always consider calling a local Columbia, SC pest control specialist to help you prevent and remove these rodents. A specialist will come into your environment with experienced eyes and detect and eliminate all points of entry as well as assess just how bad your infestation is. They will provide the right equipment and education for you to evict those rats once and for all. And most importantly, they will help you decontaminate rat-infested areas of the harmful bacteria and disease they carry.


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