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Have you noticed ants in your home or breakroom at work in Gastonia? Go-Forth Pest Control of Charlotte can help with your problem. Ants tend to contaminate your food and household products quickly. They like to build colonies in your home or office and transport food to other ants in them. Our technicians know where ants like to hide in your office or home and will make sure they inspect it to cover all the areas. Most store-bought products are only temporary fixes, so it is important to get a professional to your property right away. Call Go-Forth or click to get a free quote today.

carpenter ant on wood

About Ants

An average ant’s body is composed with hard armor called an exoskeleton. Most ants are colored either black or red, and their average length is usually half an inch. Just like other small insects, these creatures have six legs, with each leg having three joints.

They are commonly known to have exquisitely large heads and eyes, having a combination of curved antennae and jaws that are able to carry food. Some ants, most likely the females, are able to grow wings. Their primary purpose is to lay as many eggs in their lifetime as possible, which can be up to 30 years, depending on how large their nesting community is.

Other female ants are in charge of caring for the eggs, feeding the larva, building up the nest, and protecting them from intrusions during their growth and development. It’s easy to see that these species are basically one of the most systematic insects there are.

Types Of Ants

There are three major types of ants that are seen in homes or offices. The carpenter ant chews through wood and can potentially damage it beyond repair. The black ant is primarily seen in kitchens and bathrooms, because they are attracted to water and sugar. These are notorious for contaminating your food and household products. The red ant can be dangerous because they bite when they feel threatened. They are commonly found near playgrounds and in backyards. They build mounds or hills to build their colonies, and if stepped on they defend themselves by biting. These bites cause red, itchy marks that are painful and can develop into a rash.

Eliminate Potential Nesting Spots

Just like any other pests, ants prefer to nest in places that are moist, damp, and dark. This enables them to lay eggs conveniently. Ants work together, and this means that they usually gather in great numbers. You have to eliminate any potential nesting spots like showers, windows, sink bottoms, and basements. Look for entryways and fix them promptly in order to prevent creating any other inviting damp spots for the ants.


You actually don’t need to use expensive insecticides or costly ant traps to ant-proof your home. Citrus fruits such as lemons give off a strong, tangy smell that pests don’t usually like. Plus, fruits like these contain a certain level of acidity, which is something that the exoskeleton of ants are not able to tolerate due to the way they breathe. To use lemon, simply squeeze lemon juice on window sills, ant nests, holes, and cracks where you think ants might be passing through. You can also scatter pieces of the lemon peel you extracted the juice from.

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If you’re going to call in experts, you might as well call us! Go-Forth Pest Control has been in the pest industry since 1959, and our company is devoted to finding and developing the best pest exterminating methods and preventive measures for you. We are known for efficiently eliminating different sorts of pest infestations, and we not only offer aid to infestations, but also preventive solutions that are best suited for your distinct needs.

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Customers are pleased with the work we’ve done to take care of their pest control needs. Check out our reviews to see if Go-Forth can help with your ant extermination in Gastonia today.


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