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Do you have a cockroach problem in Gastonia? Go-Forth Pest Control of Charlotte can help exterminate these pests for you. Cockroaches can bring bacteria into your home or office and contaminate your food and products. Technicians at Go-Forth know where these pests like to hide and will target these areas. They use strong products that are still pet and kid-friendly to eliminate your problem. Call Go-Forth today or click to get a free quote on your cockroach problem now.

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Cockroach Facts

Cockroaches like to hide in dark spaces and only come out when they need to eat. They can go days without food and even live with no heads. They have been known to carry bacteria into homes or offices that can make people and pets sick. They are harmful to your health and need to be exterminated from your home.

Although the damage that they create on your property is not quite as severe, cockroaches are insects that are closely related to termites. These creatures are one of the four most commonly known and dealt with pest species.

In fact, for approximately 320 million years, cockroaches have been roaming the planet. Due to this reason alone, they’ve adapted to various types of weather and environment conditions. Basically, these creatures can live almost anywhere. Their bodies can tolerate temperatures ranging from tropical heat to ice-cold environments.

Roaches are generally classified as omnivores, meaning they can eat a variety of food products. This can include sandwiches, fruits, leather, paper, glue, hair, dead insects, soiled clothing, and more. With this being said, they can eat almost any and everything, which makes them very toxic and dirty. Cockroaches harbor symbiotic protozoans and bacteria in their digestive systems to be able to digest cellulose. While roaches may seem rather small, their bodies consist of tubes that are attached to different openings in their body. This allows the passage of both oxygen and carbon dioxide to go in and out of their bodies.

Get Rid Of Their Food Source

While these insects may be constantly feeding on almost anything in sight, you can still cut off their source of food. That could be those forgotten cereal boxes at the back of your cabinets, the opened package of chips left on the kitchen table, unwashed dishes in the sink, unnoticeable traces of food on the floor, crumbs, and more. Start off by emptying your counters completely and wiping/cleaning up all spilled food and leftovers thoroughly. Another task you can do is wash your dishes every time you finish a meal. This means doing your dishes however many times you eat within your day, and that may seem a little extensive, but it’ll be worth it when you no longer have to deal with these pests.

Cut Off Water Supply

While cockroaches may be fond of eating on your meals and snacks in the kitchen, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they need these sugary and salty food items to live. It turns out that roaches can live for up to 30 days without food, but they can only survive for 7 days without water. This means the less water they have access to, the sooner you can rid of them. Clean up all countertops and sink areas; both in your kitchen and bathroom(s) from top to bottom, to beneath, reaching every inch of surface. Make sure to check your house for leaks and other plumbing problems that can cause moisture and dampness. Immediately fix these to begin eliminating their supply.

Call An Exterminator Near You

If you’re wondering about whether we will be able to provide services to your location, fret no more! Go-Forth Pest Control has strategically located branches in different areas across North and South Carolina, in order to cater to customers even in the most distant of places. We commit to bringing you the solution to your pest problems. We solve issues, from the most basic level of infestations to the most challenging ones, and our goal is to provide you a safe and a pest-free environment! Call or click now for your free quote.

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