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Ants travel in colonies and can cause many problems. Go-Forth Pest Control of Greenville can help control them. Different types of ants usually invade a home or commercial business and can cause many issues for such a small pest. After our technicians target the areas you’re concerned with, they will make sure they inspect other areas in the home or business that they know are home to ants.

carpenter ant on wood

Types Of Ants

Three kinds of ants usually invade a home or business. These include carpenter ants, black ants, and red ants. Carpenter ants like to dig through wood and make colonies which result in damage to the wood. Even though they don’t eat through it, it can still cause problems to your property.

The black ant is usually found near food or water. They are attracted to sugar and will continue to go to the source of the food to feed their colonies. The red ant is usually found outside and near wooded areas. Many people see them near playgrounds or swing sets. It is important to spray for this type, especially because they tend to bite and cause red, itchy rashes.

These types of ants are the typical ones you will encounter at your property. They may be small but can be destructive once triggered. Therefore, it is better to get rid of them before they get you and infest your property. Call an exterminator, and that’s Go-Forth!

How We Get Rid Of Ants

Ants will keep on marching back and forth on your property, but without you knowing, they might be causing infestations already. They will continuously find food sources in your home. Also, they can build colonies which are harder to eliminate once their numbers increase. That’s why Go-Forth is here to help you resolve your ant problems once and for all. Our company is the best choice whenever you need ant control in Greenville.

We offer outstanding services which you cannot experience from others. Our exterminator is well-rounded and certified to perform pest control services which are done professionally and skillfully. We use appropriate treatments that can get rid of ants at any property. We make sure that what we always use safe and effective methods to give you satisfying results in the end.

From inspections down to the treatment process, all are performed following the right protocols to ensure that all ants are eliminated and no single pest will be left behind. Without spending too much money, you can control those ants and eliminate them, and that’s through Go-Forth. We offer affordable services which will give you peace of mind and comfort afterward. Whenever you need help in dealing with ants, Go-Forth is the one to call, and we will come to you right away!

Ant Company Near Me

Go-Forth, a local ant control company near you in Greenville, offers high levels of services which will meet your expectations and give satisfaction. We also happily serve our customers in local areas. Call us today! Check out our reviews to see if Go-Forth Pest Control of Greenville can help with your ant extermination today!


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