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Have you noticed ants in your home or office? Go-Forth Pest Control of Hickory, NC can help exterminate and control this infestation today. Ants are not just prevalent in your household, but can be found in woodpiles or backyards too. Have one of our technicians come out today to help with your ant problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again. At Go-Forth, our technicians are trained to find the source of the ant infestation in your home or office.

carpenter ant on home foundation

Ants form in colonies and will take their food back to the colony to build their population even more. Ants are attracted to sugar and water which makes them prevalent in homes, offices, and even hospitals.

Having ants at your property will not only bother business and homeowners, but they can also bring disappointments to your clients if you have a business. Pests can put your health in danger as they carry diseases which can be fatal. Not only that, they can also be the cause of losing your customers.

If you don’t want to put your family’s life at risk or lose your business, the best way is to call Go-Forth as your local exterminator.

Damages Of Ants

Black ants are commonly found in homes or offices. They can contaminate your food source and even infest your bathrooms. The carpenter ants can dig through pieces of wood which could cause costly damages to a property owner. These ants will dig out the wood rather than eating through it to form colonies. If you have a large backyard there may be fire ants infesting it. These ants can bite and cause itchy rashes on your skin. If you experience any kind of ant or pest problem in the Hickory, NC area, call Go-Forth Pest Control today!

Ants can also be carriers of potential diseases since they keep on coming back and forth on your property. With this, they might have picked up germs along the way. The bacteria that are found on pipes or on the ground can spread easily once ants have contact with it. There are some types of ants which can bring an infection to humans, like the pharaoh ants which carry Staphylococcus bacteria.

Ants may be small, but they can cause big infestations as time passes by. For you to have an ant-free home, it is best to call Go-Forth, which is your local exterminator in Hickory. Our company ensures that your insects, bugs, and pest problems will be resolved in no time because we use effective treatments that are made for dealing with ants. Whatever types of ants you have at home, we have the appropriate treatment for them which is effective in eliminating them. Call Go-Forth whenever you need our pest control services.

Ant Company Near Me

Go-Forth is a local ant control company near you in Hickory. We happily offer our services even to our customers in local areas. Call us today!


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