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Hornets and wasps can be dangerous to you and your loved ones if they are not exterminated properly. Go-Forth Pest Control of Hickory will take care of the extermination process for you so you don’t have to risk getting stung. They are aggressive insects and will sting you once they realize you are trying to get rid of them. They will build nests on your home and can even be destructive to furniture by building their nests inside of them. The only way to make sure they are gone for good is by hiring a professional exterminator.

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We train all our technicians to know how to handle a pest problem. They will locate the source of your hornet and wasp infestation and make sure it is eliminated. They will explain the service to you and make sure you are happy with your pest control service.

Hornet & Wasp Facts

Hornets are less aggressive and they are called the "gentle giants". They only attack whenever they sense that their colony is in danger. Unlike other pests, hornets are more passive whenever they are out of their nests. They can be described as peaceful and shy insects.

Wasps have venoms which can lead other wasps to be aggressive. Also, this insect can sting. Some stings can wear off after 24 hours, but for others who are stung by wasps, they can experience anaphylactic shock which can be risky in the end.

Male wasps, or drones, are the mating partners of the queen. After they perform their duty, they will eventually die.

Hornets will build their nests in high areas like attics, garages, sheds, treetops, and more. Their nests are usually free-hanging, which makes them easy to spot. There are also hornets which tend to create their nests below the ground for safety and support. They will sometimes look for rodent burrows that are already abandoned. Having those hornets dwell on the ground is dangerous to humans as they can be attacked once they've stepped on the nests unknowingly.

The young fertilized wasp queens are the sole survivors whenever the winter season comes. They will go out of their nests to look to mate, and will search for a place where they can hibernate. The foundation queen, males, and workers die due to the cold weather. But, before the summer ends, new queens and males are produced by the colony.

Hornets and wasps should never be ignored as they can also bring danger once threatened. Let Go-Forth handle the matter, and we guarantee a pest-free property afterward. Our company assures that the treatments and methods are safe and effective in eliminating wasps and hornets. From the nests down to the pests, we will get rid of them completely to give you a safer and healthier home which you can enjoy all year round. Let Go-Forth deal with your hornet and wasp problems!

Hornet & Wasp Company Near Me

Go-Forth is a local hornet and wasp control company near you in Hickory. Our trusted services can get rid of insects, bugs, and pests which our customers in local areas can also enjoy. Call us today! Our Hickory technicians can help with all your pest control needs in Morganton, Lenoir, Statesville, Newton, Hudson, and more.


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