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If you think your home is infested with fleas in Lenoir, NC don’t worry, Go-Forth Pest Control of Hickory is here to help. Fleas can get out of control fast, so it is essential to let a professional handle the job. As your pest control company in Lenoir, we know how dangerous fleas can be, especially when they are around pets. That’s why we are here to help you control those pests for good. We have the best services which you cannot find from others as we have the appropriate treatment made for fleas. We will give you the best experience which you will never find from others.

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At Go-Forth, we have been in business since 1959 and know how to handle your pest problems quickly and efficiently. Our technicians will inspect your home and make sure the flea population gets in control. If you have any questions, call one of our representatives or fill out our form to get a quote on your flea control now.

Flea Facts

Fleas will most likely enter your home on pets like cats and dogs. They are usually about 3mm long and a brownish color. Even though these pests are so small, they can jump up to 7 inches high. This allows them to jump from one host to the next quickly to infest your home or property. They like to live on cats and dogs because of how easy it is to move around on their skin and through their fur.

Fleas like to bite their hosts to feed off of their blood. This leaves behind red, itchy bites that can sometimes turn into a rash. They have four stages of life which include egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The adult fleas can lay thousands of eggs in their environment and reproduce quickly. The fleas are probably laying eggs on your pets, furniture, and maybe even you.

Fleas can carry harmful diseases in their bites to humans and pets. Most of the time the flea can give your pet heartworm. This disease is extremely harmful to your pets and can even cause death. To avoid all the problems and illnesses associated with fleas, it is best to let a professional help you with your flea control near Hickory, NC.

Having fleas is both an inconvenience for humans and pets as they can infest anything. They can easily cling onto their hosts and can invade any home. Before they cause any disturbance, it is best to get them first by calling us. We will always go to you like a flash of lightning to serve you better. Here with us, you can never go wrong because we know how to eliminate those fleas, and even insects, bugs, and other pests found in your home. We can solve your flea problem and help you achieve a healthier, cleaner, and safer home for you and your pets.

Flea Company Near You

Go-Forth is a local flea control company near you in Lenoir. We have exceptional services at affordable prices which can also be enjoyed by our customers in local areas. Call us today!


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