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Have you spotted a cockroach in your home or office? Call Go-Forth Pest Control of Wilmington to help exterminate your cockroach problem. Once cockroaches invade your home or office it is hard to get rid of them on your own. That’s why you should call Go-Forth to take care of the issue quickly. Even though you may only spot one, the others may be hiding. To make sure the infestation is under control, have one of our trained technicians come out to inspect your home or office.


Facts About Cockroaches

Cockroaches tend to hide in dark places. They have been known to hide in cardboard boxes and even bathrooms. They are most likely contaminating your food and household products if you see one in your home.

It is important to get your infestation under control before they start reproducing which could spin the infestation out of control. Go-Forth is here to help in your Wilmington, NC home or office for any cockroach concerns you may have.

Roaches are quite irritating for many people due to their appearance and their nature of spreading diseases to our house. They bring bacteria from outside the house which can get mixed with food and ultimately result in many diseases which might be dangerous for our health. They are coming from the places with a dirty environment.

The kind of bacteria that they are bringing with them is the primary cause of why people don’t like roaches in their home. A number of alternatives are available which can help us to get rid of these pests but many of them use harmful chemicals. Some of these chemicals are such that they can also affect our health upon usage on the roaches.

Effective Natural Ways Which Can Help You Get Rid Of Roaches

We have discussed here a few of the ways which are quite easy and handy for any individuals to be used on roaches. These methods are not harmful to any individuals and will provide the best possible output against the roaches.

Using The Mixture Of Baking Soda & Sugar

These ingredients are easily available in any of the homes for using it against the roaches. One just needs to mix them in a proper manner before using it on the roaches. It will help in making the roaches stay away from the places where the spray of this mixture is used. When you use this mixture, it will immediately show a decline in the population of the roaches within a short span of time. The foremost thing which will be required to be identified is knowing the place where roaches are hiding out in the house before using this on them.

Bay Leaves

If you don't want roaches to be killed and you just want to keep them away from your place then you should try using bay leaves. These leaves are a natural roach repellent as the roaches will simply hate the smell which will be coming from these leaves. These leaves are not poisonous to humans and one can stay safe with the use of these leaves. You can use these leaves by crushing them effectively and using them on the roaches.

Lemon Peels Or Lemon Juice

It is well known that lemons have the ability to cut through the powerful stains and make the place cleaner. So, having a lemon at a particular place is an indication that the place is properly cleaned. The anti-pathogenic properties of lemons and citrus foods are responsible for keeping the roaches away from your house. You can use lemon in several ways to remain safe from the roaches.


We can say that there are many effective natural ways which one can utilize against the roaches. Each of these methods is quite effective in keeping the roaches away from affecting your house if the problem is not that bad. Cockroaches are hard to get rid of. Even professionals have to come to your home several trips a year to really get rid of the problem - there is not a one-time visit fix for exterminating roaches. If you’re suffering from a roach problem, it’s best to contact a professional and take care of the problem now before it gets worse.

Great Reviews

Customers are important to Go-Forth and we value their reviews. Check them out to see if we can be your cockroach exterminators today in Wilmington!


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