What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs in North Carolina are parasitic insects that suck blood from humans and other warm-blooded hosts. They are small, wingless insects. Even though they are small, they are visible to the naked eye. They appear in oval form, approximately 0.2 inches long, reddish-brown, have a flattened shape with prominent eyes and are approximately the size of a tick.

bed bug on skin


Bed bugs are very similar to mosquitoes and fleas because they too live by feeding off of blood. However, unlike common pests, they are nocturnal and more active at night, preferring to feed in the dark when people are asleep. They are not always evident so many people ignore symptoms while the epidemic slowly continues to grow.

If they remain undiscovered for a period of time, they can grow to large numbers throughout your home very quickly. They are extremely difficult to prevent, given their ability to hide away discreetly in many different spaces. These tiny creatures are small enough to stay hidden in a suitcase, furniture, or clothing and can move from place to place very quickly.

Bed bugs can be difficult to identify and confirm without a professionals evaluation. Specs of blood can be found in areas of the places that these bugs come in contact with. The bed bug is ordinarily found in spots where individuals invest longer times of energy. Individuals frequently pick up these unpalatable stowaways when voyaging and the infestation begins as the bed bugs continual to travel alongside in clothing and luggage. Lodgings and school quarters are also problem areas for blood-sucking bed bugs. Bloodsuckers can also spread to other open settings like movie theaters and restaurants.

These creatures are found in public areas and private households, spreading all over the world. Once situated, they are usually confined to a 20-foot area, but they are excellent 'hitchhikers' traveling in clothes, suitcases, etc. They tend to be found in homes that are frequently turned around - places such as dormitories, apartments, hospitals, motels, hotels, and especially used furniture departments. While commercial infestations are a major concern, infestations can also occur in private households.

How To Prevent/Control

The more these insects reproduce, the more they disperse. Bed bugs do not have nests like ants or other pests do. They prefer to hide in cracks, furniture or chairs, and any other space available for them to thrive in. However, there are some simple ways to control the situation and help begin the elimination process of these parasites:

Protect Your Mattresses & Box Springs

Inspect them, flip them, vacuum over them, especially in the folds. Treat them with a high vapor temperature, let dry and then coat them in a sealed cover against allergies, which is sold in stores. Also, make sure to do the same treatment to your plush carpets, furniture, accessories, etc.  

Prevent Bed Bugs From Accessing Your Bed

You can place the legs of your bed in plastic container lids, and cover a wide circular band of Vaseline around each of the legs. This will create an effective physical barrier against bed bugs.

Eliminate Breeding Sites

Frequently wash your bedding, cushions, etc. Also, make sure to wash any clothing that may be potential nesting sites for bed bugs. They appreciate every hiding place that gives them the opportunity to reproduce.

Protect Your Belongings

Put your spare bedding, personal things and any items in sealed plastic bags. If you would like to ensure that there are no more bed bugs living and breeding within your belongings, you can also place your bags in a freezer for 6 days at -7 ° C, or for 3 days at -18 ° C.

Call A Professional Exterminator

Contact a trained professional to apply insecticide treatments. We strongly recommend using a professional for ensured results and in order to prevent future bed bug infestation.


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