mole cricket

Turf damage can occur quickly when there are large populations. Adult mole crickets have the ability to fly and are attracted to outside lights, which brings them in the presence of people. This unusual looking insect often causes a lot of worries to some owners until they have been identified by a professional.

These crickets are mostly active at night and most of their lives are spent underground where their burrows can extend up to 30 inches. There are a number of common species that are originally native to South America the North Cricket or Common Cricket (Neocurtilla hecadactyla), Southern Mole Cricket (Scapteriscus vicinus), Short-Winged Eagle Cricket (S. abbreviatus), and tawny mole cricket Scapteriscus acletus).

Mole crickets are common throughout the eastern United States, but are more frequent in the Southeast, especially in Florida. Mole crickets are grass & lawn pests, especially on golf courses. The damage comes from their burrowing activities, as they feed on the root system of the lawn.


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