When we think of a tiny mouse, our minds often revert to Mickey or cute innocent pets. In actuality, rodents are common pests that is unwelcome due to their disgusting nature and tendency to mettle into our cabinets and kitchens. Rats may be up to a foot in length, not including the tail, while mice are smaller, being approximately three to five inches long. Both of these types of rodents usually have brown, gray or black hair. Rats and mice can be found all over the world, and some of the most pests are the house mouse, the roof rat, and the Norway rat.

two little house mice

Wherever people and their trash live, the risk of welcoming the presence of rodents is posed. Rats and mice like to make nests or burrows in sheltered indoor and outdoor places like basements, attics, and tool sheds. They feed on just about anything, but love to feast on meat, grains, and tasty garbage, while mice especially enjoy dining on cereals.

Rodents are historical transmitters of epidemic diseases, including bubonic plague. They also habitually harbor and spread potentially deadly infections such as typhus, hantavirus, and Lyme disease through ticks. Rodents can also contaminate household surfaces, food through feces, and other diseases they carry.

How To Prevent/Control

The best way to get rid of rodents is to control and maintain your environment. Seal holes between the outside and inside, including windows, since rats and mice are excellent mountaineers. Store garbage and food in hermetically sealed containers and clean logs or anything else that can work as a home for a rodent.

Spray them with a solution of horseradish, garlic and cayenne pepper to deter mice and rats if they are attracted to your property. Other non-chemical solutions include getting a pet like a cat or a rat terrier, as they are natural predators of rats and mice. Setting up “catch and release” traps that will not harm animals is a possible solution as well for rodent control.


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