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Do you need flea control in Raleigh, NC? Our Raleigh flea exterminators can help you exterminate fleas from your home and backyard. Protect your beloved pets from fleas. Fleas can get inside your Raleigh home very easily if your yard has a problem with fleas. If you have seen fleas then it’s also possible you have a rodent problem too. Rodents carry fleas and other diseases. Call us to get rid of your flea problem today!

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Flea & Pest Control Since 1959

We have been dealing with flea problems since 1959. We’re very experienced at exterminating them, so we have very effective solutions for flea infestations.

Don’t wait till the last minute to take care of a flea problem because fleas can multiply really fast and soon will be even more difficult to exterminate, plus they will drive your pets crazy.

Well-Reviewed Flea Exterminators

Our flea exterminator company has awesome reviews; we’re the best local exterminator in Raleigh, NC. Feel free to Google us and read our reviews, and feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Flea Control For Your House Or Yard

Only 10% of flea populations can be found on our pets. The flea eggs, larvae, pupa, and some adults reside in beddings, carpets, and living areas which make up approximately 90% of the flea population. Neglecting this population of fleas will make the problem worse.

To get rid of flea populations, these are some effective tips:

  • Vacuum daily. This is very important in flea eradication and vacuuming your carpets and floors regularly will ensure the fleas are not able to re-infest your property.

  • Wash all beddings, furniture, and clothing regularly.

  • Apply insecticide to your home and yard. There are many ways to do this - with diatomaceous earth, flea bombs, foggers, or by employing the services of an exterminator. Take special precaution for pets and children who may put things in their mouth.


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