American cockroaches are common pest roaches in the United States. They have more than earned their name. But roach infestations aren't inevitable. There are some things you can do to discourage American cockroaches and prevent these pests from getting into your Greensboro home. There are also ways to make them decide that your home may not be the right place to raise a family. Here are the top tips from the experts here at Go-Forth Pest Control.

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The American cockroach, which is also called a "waterbug", is strongly attracted to damp habitation. When these insects come into your yard, they will be drawn to any area that is damp. If you reduce damp conditions and standing water, you can make your yard less interesting to these insects.

  • Address plumbing leaks around your home.

  • Address damaged sprinklers and hoses, and make sure any sprinklers you have are on a timer.

  • Address blockages in your gutter system that cause water to flow over the sides and down your exterior walls.

  • Address areas of dense vegetation as these will increase dampness.

  • Address leaf litter, which can provide damp habitation underneath.

It is important to consider dampness and humidity on the inside of your Greensboro home as well. American cockroaches will prefer to be in your home if they find these conditions.

  • Install dehumidifiers in basement areas and your boiler room if there is high humidity.

  • Install ventilation ducts and fans to vent moisture in key spaces.

  • Use the fan in your bathroom during showers and baths.


The American cockroach is a big roach. In fact, it is the biggest pest roach that gets into homes in Greensboro. But it can get into cracks that are surprisingly thin. This is because it likes to be squeezed into tight spaces. If you provide tights spaces for them to squeeze into, they'll prefer to be in your yard.

  • Remove piles of stone and stacks of stone construction material.

  • Move wood piles away from your home and consider elevating any wood stacks you have.

  • Remove objects from your yard that don't really need to be there, especially objects that are near your exterior walls.


American cockroaches want to be where it is dirty. These roaches love to feed on rotting organic matter and feces. Keep things clean to keep American cockroaches out of your home.

  • Remove trash from your property weekly.

  • Keep trash in clean, covered receptacles.

  • Clean up any spills or organic matter that is lying around in your yard.

  • Clean up dog droppings if your dog goes out in your yard.

  • Clean recyclable items before you put them in your storage bin.

  • Clean the inside of your home frequently and be sure to deep clean periodically.

  • Get rid of old boxes, newspapers, magazines, and other paper materials.


American cockroaches get into homes by accident. They explore every tight space they can find. If you give them openings, cracks, and gaps to explore, they'll take you up on your offer.

  • Repair foundation cracks.

  • Use a caulking gun to seal foundation penetrations, such as gaps around pipes and wires.

  • Repair damaged window and door screens.

  • Repair damaged weatherstripping and door sweeps on exterior doors.

  • Fill in holes that have been created by rodents and other wood-damaging pests.

  • Fix damaged mortar around bricks.

  • On the inside of your home, inspect all of your electrical outlets, switch plates, and electric sockets. If you see gaps, repair them.


If the cockroach pressures around your home rise, and these insects start finding ways into your home, a cockroach treatment plan will have to be developed to address the problem - and it is important that you quickly address the problem. Cockroaches are implicated in the spread of many diseases and they are a vector for parasitic worms and human pathogens. We recommend seeking the assistance of a local pest management professional due to the seriousness of this threat.

Cockroach Control In Greensboro

When American cockroaches, or any other type of cockroaches, get into your Greensboro home, contact Go-Forth Pest Control for effective elimination of those roaches. And if you don't have an infestation yet, we can prevent one from taking root. Ask us about our residential pest control service. There is no better way to protect your health and property than to invest in a year-round pest control plan. We can help you with that.


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