While they may look similar at first glance, ants can come in all different shapes, sizes, and types. For Charlotte homeowners, you’re most likely to encounter these ant species:

fire ants on paper towel
argentine ants on wood
  • Odorous house ants. Odorous house ants get their name from the coconut-like odor they emit when they’re killed or crushed. These ants have a penchant for sweet things, and they’re a common sight in North Carolina homes.

  • Argentine ants. Like odorous house ants, Argentine ants also give off their own musty odor when they’re killed. Argentine ants have shiny, black bodies and build massive colonies within wall voids or other cracks in your home.

  • Pavement ants. While pavement ants may prefer to build their nests and colonies in the cracks of a sidewalk or cement, they can be troublesome in homes with stone foundations or dirt basements.

  • Pharaoh ants. Pharaoh ants aren’t just a nuisance, they can also spread streptococcus and salmonella to people. You can recognize this species by their light brown to yellow coloring.

  • Fire ants. Fire ants don’t usually invade homes directly, but they aren’t shy about building their flat, mound-like colonies on your property and will aggressively sting or bite anybody who gets too close.

Although most types of ants in Charlotte—excluding pharaoh ants and fire ants—are nothing more than a nuisance, that doesn’t mean they’re welcome. Here’s what Charlotte homeowners should know about getting rid of ant attractions, how to prevent ants from getting inside, and what to do if you’ve already got an ant problem.

How To Reduce Ant Attractions Around Your Charlotte Home

Most of the time, if you’re finding ants around your Charlotte home, there’s a reason for it. Like many pests, ants are attracted to food and water, so reducing these attractions can also reduce the risk of an ant infestation.

Do A Deep Clean Of Your Home

If you’re not sure what is attracting ants to your Charlotte home, the best thing to do is to start with a deep clean of your home. This means vacuuming and sweeping any rooms where you may have eaten food and wiping off countertops and tables.

You also don’t want to forget about those “hard-to-reach” places where food scraps may have fallen like under heavy appliances or in cupboards where you’ve stored food. These areas may not get cleaned as regularly, and if there’s any food residue, they could be attracting ants.

Practice Good Food And Trash Storage

Along with regular deep cleans of your home, you’ll want to practice sanitary food storage like keeping any leftovers in airtight containers, regularly emptying indoor and outdoor trash cans, and keeping your garbage bins sealed to avoid attracting ants.

Wipe Up Spills And Keep Up With Dirty Dishes

If you spill a beverage or leave dirty dishes in the sink after a meal, these could attract ants, especially if you’ve spilled something sweet or left dishes with noticeable food particles on them. Clean up spills as soon as you can, and don’t leave dirty dishes sitting overnight.

How To Prevent Ants From Getting Inside Your Charlotte Home

Ant control means preventing these critters from getting inside in the first place, and you can do that by practicing these steps.

Identify And Seal Off Entry-Points

Ants only need small cracks and gaps to get into your home. Try checking along the foundation or baseboards of your home for tiny holes and crevices and sealing off any that you find with a sealant like caulk.

Replace Window And Door Screens

Torn window and door screens can also serve as an entrance for ants, so be sure to replace any broken screens that you find.

Use Door Sweeps And Weather-Stripping

Even the tiny gaps under doors can become an access point for ants, but weatherstripping or using door sweeps are an easy way to take care of this.

The Most Effective Form Of Ant Control In Charlotte, NC

While the steps above are a great way to reduce the risk of ants in your home, they aren’t always effective for dealing with existing ant problems. If you’ve already got ants in your Charlotte home, the best form of ant control is a professional one—like the team of Charlotte, NC pest control professionals at Go-Forth Pest Control. If you think you’ve got an ant problem or you’ve got more questions about how to keep them away, don’t wait to call the professionals. Contact us at Go-Forth Pest Control today for more advice or to get started with ant control services in Charlotte.


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