Fleas are common pests, particularly for people who have pets. But, as common as they are, there is a lot that most Raleigh residents don't know about them. Join us today as we discuss some important facts about fleas and explore how flea pest control in Raleigh can prevent and control fleas.

a flea on a dog
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How To Identify Different Types Of Fleas

We're often asked: "How can you tell the difference between different types of fleas?" The truth is that you don't really have to tell them apart. There is, however, one important fact that you should know.

When you find the tiniest of fleas leaping at you from your floor, those aren't baby fleas. Some species of fleas are smaller than others. The most common fleas you'll find in your Raleigh home are cat fleas which bite cats, dogs, and humans equally. A cat flea is about ¼ of an inch long. While small, it isn't the smallest of all pest fleas.

The Lifecycle Of The Common Flea

Let's rewind a little and talk about baby fleas again. When you see fleas springing through the air, those are adult fleas, not baby fleas. As you consider how to deal with a flea infestation, you can have trouble if you think that baby fleas spring through the air.

Fleas hatch from their eggs as little worms. These worms don't spring through the air. They don't bite either. Flea larvae feed on flea dirt which is the feces of adult fleas. If flea dirt isn't available, they'll die. This fact is one of the reasons why routine vacuuming can help to stop a flea infestation.

If flea dirt is available, larvae cocoon themselves, develop through the pupae stage, and become adults. An adult flea can stay in its cocoon for as long as five months. In this stage, it is protected from certain pest control products. That leads us to our next point.

Three Reasons Fleas Are So Hard To Get Rid Of

If you don't know yet, fleas are hard to exterminate. There are some surprising pitfalls when trying to rid your home of fleas. We just mentioned the first.

  1. Adult fleas are protected from certain pest control products. You can spray all day every day and not exterminate the fleas in your home.
  2. Fleas are protected from certain pest control products when they're in their eggs. The product(s) you use need to be residual. A residual product will remain on surfaces long enough to address fleas as they emerge from their eggs.
  3. Fleas can continue to come in even as you're trying to get rid of them. If they're coming into your home with mice and rats, the products you use on your pets aren't going to stop them.

Flea control must take into consideration all of the facts we've discussed so far. If not, you're likely to continue to have flea bites and flea problems.

Control, Extermination & Prevention Of Fleas

Okay. Now that you know a little bit more about fleas, what is the best flea control for your house? You may be surprised by our answer. Flea control is best performed on the outside of your home. Here are some suggestions:

  • Remove food sources that may attract animals. Wild animals bring fleas into your yard.

  • Keep your trash covered and your receptacles secured enough to keep mid-sized animals from knocking them over.

  • Use fencing material to block access to voids underneath structures.

  • Clean gutters to reduce perimeter dampness. Fleas need humidity in order to survive the development process.

  • Seal gaps, cracks, and holes that rodents can use to get into your home. If more control is needed, contact a licensed pest professional.

  • Consider getting year-round pest control that includes perimeter protection. Routine perimeter protection is another way a licensed pest professional can help you keep flea infestations from taking root in your home.

Along with the general prevention of rodents and other animals and sealing entry points, it is a good idea to get flea control products for your pets. Speak with your veterinarian about what products are best for your pets and safe for your family. Flea and tick collars are a good place to start.

If you don't have one, we recommend getting a flea comb. It is a good idea to check your pets regularly for flea dirt or adult fleas. Don't wait until your pet is scratching. If you do, you'll be behind the eightball in addressing your flea problem.

Are you in Raleigh? If so, you're in our service area. Reach out to Go-Forth Pest Control for a residential pest control service that includes coverage for fleas. We can get you on the right track to keeping fleas out of your home for good. Of all the facts we've shared today, that's the best one of all.


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