If you’ve ever had an encounter with fire ants, then you already know just how much trouble (and pain) these ankle-biters can cause with fire ant bites. But did you know how hard fire ants can be to get rid of? Here’s what Charlotte homeowners should know about what do fire ants look like, how dangerous they are, whether you can have an allergic reaction to fire ants, how to prevent fire ants with pest control in Charlotte.

many fire ants in a front yard
several fire ants on a plant outside

What Do Fire Ants In Charlotte Look Like?

What are fire ants? With dull, red bodies, fire ants can be easy to mistake for other types of ants, but their bite and sting are unmistakable. These ants like to build large mounds in soil, which become their colonies. Because they tend to prefer open fields and lawns for building their mounds, it’s not unusual for fire ants to make their homes on Charlotte properties. While they can infiltrate homes to look for meats or sweets, it’s more common to have these pests outside on your property than it is to have an infestation in the home.

How Dangerous Are Fire Ant Bites?

While fire ant bites and stings can be as painful as a bee sting, they aren’t medically dangerous for most people. When you initially get stung by a fire ant, you may feel a sharp pain and burning, and this eventually turns into an itchy white blister.

Unfortunately, Charlotte fire ants aren’t the friendliest pests. If you accidentally encounter one of their mounds, they can become aggressive and start attacking. What can sometimes make fire ant stings even more painful is that these critters may attack in groups. Much like coming across a wasp’s nest, you may end up with several stings and bites before you manage to get away, which can make these ants particularly troublesome for young kids, pets, or other family members living on your property.

Fire ant stings can also become dangerous if the wound becomes infected, usually resulting from over-itching. As the wound heals, it turns into an itchy blister, and too much scratching could leave you with a skin infection that requires medical attention.

Is It Possible To Have An Allergic Reaction To Fire Ants?

Fire ants may not be medically dangerous for most people, but the exception is anyone who’s severely allergic. The pus-filled blister that develops after a fire ant attack is a normal allergic reaction for most people, but in rare cases, you could have a more serious reaction that requires medical intervention.

Those who do have severe fire ant allergies usually start experiencing a reaction only minutes after the attack. Some of the symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include:

  • Trouble breathing

  • Swelling in your throat or tongue

  • Dizziness

  • Confusion

  • Loss of consciousness

If you begin to experience any of these severe symptoms after a fire ant bites you, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Fire Ant Prevention Tips

Whether you’re allergic or just don’t want to risk getting stung every time you venture into your yard, here are some handy tips to prevent fire ants in Charlotte:

  • Don’t leave food sitting out in your yard where fire ants may access it, including in exterior trash cans or compost piles.

  • Regularly trim back any shrubs and trees where the branches may touch the side of your home, as fire ants may climb these to avoid pesticides.

  • Turn mulch on a regular basis to avoid moisture build-up and prevent attracting fire ants.

  • Get rid of grass clippings, stacked wood, and leaf piles, which may become harborages for fire ants.

  • Maintain your lawn by regularly mowing and keeping grass growth low.

Along with the tips above, the best way to get rid of fire ants in Charlotte is by working with us at Go-Forth Pest Control. With same-day servicing and a satisfaction guarantee, our work isn’t done until your property is completely (and permanently) free of fire ants.

If you’ve discovered a fire ant infestation in your yard or want to know more about how to prevent these pests, don’t wait any longer – call us today at Go-Forth Pest Control to receive your free estimate or to learn more about our comprehensive fire ant treatments. 


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