We have a surprising variety of spiders in Greensboro. While all of them have venom, and all of them have fangs, most are harmless. But that doesn't mean you want to see them crawling around inside your home. We have some tips that will help you keep spiders out of your Greensboro home.

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Step one: Remove Attractants

If you have a lot of spiders around your home, guess what is going to happen? That's right. They're going to accidentally get inside. You can prevent this by altering conditions around your home that attract spiders.

Moisture Control

Spiders prefer moist habitats and will be drawn to your home if you have lots of moisture.

  • Clean gutters and remove blockages.

  • Repair damaged gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks.

  • Repair damaged sprinklers, hoses, and exterior spigots.

  • Address conditions that allow puddles to form.

Insect Control

Insects are food for spiders. If you take steps to reduce insects, you'll reduce the spider populations around your home.

  • Bag trash and store it temporarily in an exterior container that has a lid. Keep the container as clean as possible and free of odors which will attract flies.

  • Reduce exterior light. Many insects are drawn to light. When they come to check out the lights, they tend to stay. This will make your exterior an ideal hunting ground for spiders.

  • Remove leaves and other yard debris. These are perfect habitats for insects and the spiders that eat them.

Hiding Places

There are many places spiders hide. If you remove hiding places, you will make your exterior less interesting.

  • Remove objects that sit near or against your exterior walls.

  • Trim the plants in your landscaping to make everything feel as open as possible.

  • Fill in any ground holes.

Step Two: Remove Webs

When spiders create webs on your exterior walls, those webs can contain lots of spiderlings that are about to hatch. A single web can have an egg sac with 300 spiders in it. You can prevent spiders from hatching near your home by using a web-removal tool attached to a long pole.

Step Three: Get Rid Of All Entry Points

When spiders explore your home, you want to make it as difficult as possible for them to get inside. You can do this by inspecting your exterior and sealing gaps, cracks, and holes.

  • Apply a seal around pipes that penetrate your foundation walls.

  • Apply a seal around door and window frames.

  • Replace or repair damaged door or window screens.

  • Apply screens over vents and other unprotected openings.

  • Fix broken window panes.

  • Replace weatherstripping and door sweeps that aren't getting the job done.

  • Patch damaged mortar or cracked concrete.

Step Four: Make Your Home Unfriendly To Spiders

When spiders get into your home, there are some things that can make them feel unwelcome:

  • Remove webs as soon as they appear in your home. Not only will this remove spider egg sacs, it will also frustrate spiders.

  • Take steps to stop insect activity in your home. Spiders are looking for food.

    Fix leaky faucets. Spiders are looking for water.

  • Clean storage rooms and make them orderly. Many spiders hide in storage areas because they prefer secluded and unused spaces.

  • Reduce humidity. Many spiders prefer high humidity. This is why you'll find more spider activity in your basement. Install a dehumidifier to deter spiders and the insects they feed on.

Step Five (or One): Get Residential Pest Control

There is no better way to control insects and spiders than to have routine visits from a licensed pest professional. While you can use the first four tips to get spider activity down below a threshold you're able to tolerate, it is far better to make spider sightings inside your home a thing of the past. We can help you with that. We offer preventative services that get control of pests before they get into your home, and also indoor pest treatments, if needed.

If you have questions about residential pest control in Greensboro, reach out to us. We'll guide you toward a solution that works best for you. We provide Greensboro residents industry-leading pest control at a competitive rate. Connect with us today.


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