We need to start by saying that it isn't easy to get rid of German cockroaches. Depending on your circumstances, it may be impossible without a skilled application of pest control products. When it comes to applying these products, we believe it is best to have a trained pest management professional do this job. But you are not without recourse when you see German cockroaches around a structure on your property, or when you have limited infiltration of German cockroaches into your home. Here are some tips for cockroach management in Richmond.

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What A Roach Wants

If German cockroaches come into your yard, they will gravitate to certain conducive conditions. When you roll your sleeves up and alter these conditions, you can make your yard less interesting.

  • Anything that is rotting will attract a roach. These insects are the sanitation engineers of the wild kingdom. Your trash bins are the first factor to consider. Keep your trash bagged and stored in covered containers that are free from strong odors.

  • All roaches like moist habitats. This will make your landscaping attractive. But you can remove this attractant by managing your landscaping in a way that provides ample soil moisture but less dampness on topsoil and on plants. One tip is to water your plants in the early morning. Once you've made your landscaping drier, consider other conditions that lead to moisture, like clogged or broken gutters and damaged plumbing.

  • Leaf litter, wood piles, stone piles, grass and organic litter, and other organic debris is attractive to roaches. They like to be where there is rotting organic material, tights spaces, and moisture.

  • Cockroaches like to hide under objects. If you have yard clutter, it is a good idea to store those items inside or remove them from your property.

  • Cockroaches in Richmond eat some crazy things. One thing they eat that you should be aware of is dog droppings. If you have a dog that goes out into the yard and leaves droppings, it is important to stay on top of the clean up.

What You Should Know About Your Walls

If German cockroaches come near to your exterior walls and foundation, they're likely to get inside. These insects are attracted to cracks in rocks and they prefer to be compressed into tight spaces where they have something hard touching their backs and their bellies. When you roll your sleeves up and address cracks, crevices, and entry points, you do more than "seal" cockroaches out of your home, you make your exterior less interesting.

  • Use a foundation repair kit to repair foundation cracks.

  • Use a caulking gun to seal gaps around pipes, fill in wood holes, and make a good seal around window and door frames.

  • Use expanding foam to get cracks, crevices, and holes that can't be sealed with a caulking material.

  • Replace old weatherstripping, door sweeps, and screens.

  • Make sure your weep holes and ventilation exhaust ports are covered and protected.

Cockroach Pressures

It might seem trivial, but when you have a yard and exterior that are not interesting to cockroaches, it can naturally deter them. Problems with strategy arise when there are greater-than-normal cockroach pressures. This is when lots of cockroaches are entering your yard for some external reason. There isn't much you can do about cockroach pressures. They can be driven out of neighboring properties by many factors that are beyond your control.

When German Cockroaches Get In

There may be nothing you can do to drive a German cockroach back out, but attempting to do so, even if unsuccessful, can have an impact on how quickly roaches can reproduce and how much of a threat they can present to your health.

  • Put stored foods in sealed containers.

  • Don't leave food out, uncovered.

  • Put dirty dishes in a sink full of soapy water. Keep in mind that a stack of dirty dishes is a food source for roaches, and that storing dishes in a dishwasher will not prevent roaches from getting to them.

  • Clean your drains with a quality drain cleaner.

  • Store fruit in the fridge, rather than on display.

  • Put pet food down only during meals.

  • Keep your home as clean as possible to reduce illness-causing microorganisms that can be picked up and spread around by cockroaches.

When Cockroach Control Is Needed

If German cockroaches continue to be an issue inside your home, contact a licensed professional. If you live in Richmond, remember that the team here at Go-Forth Pest Control is highly-trained and experienced with Richmond pests. We can help you resolve your German cockroach infestation and help you protect your family from health-related issues that can arise from exposure to German cockroaches. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance. 


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