Do you know that all cockroaches are not the same? It's true. Some cockroaches get into Charlotte homes but don't stay in. Some cockroaches don't get into our homes at all. Some roaches are drawn to all forms of rotting organic matter and waste. This brings them into very dirty places, such as sewers and dumpsters. Some roaches don't live in sewers or dumpsters because they prefer to live in decaying wood, brush piles, trees with heart rot, and leaf litter. This makes them less of a health threat. German cockroaches get in and they stay in. They crawl around in dirty trash bins, eat feces, and are drawn to decaying organic matter in all forms. They are the worst of the worst. Their ability to make you sick is the first problem you should consider.

german cockroach under microscope
german cockroach on white countertop

German Cockroaches Are Attracted To Decay

It should come as no surprise that German cockroaches in Charlotte cause illness, they come in contact with things you would never touch. After coming in contact with dirty things, they can venture into your pantry, food cabinets, dish cabinets, and other sensitive places. Studies have implicated these insects in the spread of harmful bacteria, human pathogens, and parasitic worms. Not only are they able to spread these organisms, they are proficient at it. A German cockroach can climb out of your trash, zip down to the floor, move up a wall, into a gap, in behind your appliances, up into your cabinets, and in and out of gaps between your food items as easily as you navigate your living room. They explore dirty drains, climb on the side of your dirty oven, investigate your mop bucket and cat box, climb on your toilet rim, and explore your recyclables. If you have anything in your home that is decaying, these insects will find it.

German Cockroaches Are Attracted To Your Bathroom

There are many reasons for these dirty insects to hang out in your bathroom. They feed on toothpaste, hair, dead skin, feces, and more. When they do, they can expose you to harmful microorganisms. Your bathroom is also a humid space inside your home, and German cockroaches love humidity.

German Cockroaches Need A Drink

You would be startled to know all of the ways a German cockroach can make you ill. One that is particularly disturbing is that they are known to drink saliva from the mouths of sleeping people. When they do, they sometimes feed on dead skin in eyelashes and eyebrows, or around the mouth. This can lead to an accidental bite wound. These wounds often become infected and inflamed because of the harmful bacteria on the exoskeletons of these filthy insects.

If you have a baby, these roaches may be attracted to the smell of stale milk on the breath of your sleeping baby. This can lead to sickness, bites, and rashes.

German Cockroaches Spread Allergens

When any cockroach gets into your home, it will shed its cuticle as it grows. The shed cuticles of cockroaches can become airborne and lead to respiratory issues. Recent studies have shown an increase in hospital visitations due to asthma-related symptoms in homes that were found to have cockroaches.

German Cockroaches Can Get Into Surprising Places

An adult German cockroaches is between ½ and ⅝ of an inch long. That's pretty small. But a German cockroach nymph is even smaller than this. Do you know that a German cockroach nymph is so small that it can fit through the little holes in your electrical outlets? This is why they can access places that many other roaches can't.

German Cockroaches Are Resilient

If you try to kill these roaches with chemicals, you may only succeed at making yourself sick. German cockroaches are born with chemical resistances because they pass them down from generation to generation. If you use a product that was used on a German cockroach's great great great grandfather, it is likely to fail at killing the roach. When it fails to kill the roach, that roach is able to carry the harmful product into your food cabinets. We strongly recommend having a licensed pest management professional take care of cockroach control for you.

Do you live in Charlotte, North Carolina? If so, let the pest professionals here at Go-Forth Pest Control establish a strategy for eliminating the cockroaches in your Charlotte home. We use field-tested methods and many products that are environmentally friendly. Reach out to us today to learn more, or to schedule service.


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