Most of us are familiar with the annoyance of having a fly land on our food. But few are aware of the link between house flies and disease. Have you been sick this year? Did you shrug and think that it was just the common cold or a flu virus? If flies routinely get into your home, it is possible that they're the reason you got sick. Are you aware that flies are implicated in the transmission of 65 diseases? Surprising isn't it? Only recently have researchers discovered just how bad it is to have flies land on our hamburgers. So, now that you know "why" you should keep flies out of your Charlotte home, here's how.

a bottle fly on a pipe
a cluster fly in a living room

Trash Management

There are few things that will lure flies to your property faster than a dirty trash receptacle. Flies in Charlotte can smell decaying organic matter from a great distance. If you miss trash day, or you tend to have trash sitting in receptacles for more than a week, it is likely that flies have taken notice. The more flies you have near your Charlotte home, the more likely it is that they will get into your home.

Open Doors

Flies are highly mobile. Not only are they able to fly, they can fly pretty fast. When you open your door to go in or out of your home, you can let a fly inside. While it is impossible to prevent this from happening, you can reduce your chances of having a fly zip into your home by:

  • Moving trash receptacles away from entryways.

  • If you have a dog, be sure to clean your dog's droppings up frequently, especially near doors.

  • Keeping exterior doors open only long enough to go in and out quickly.

  • While flies are mostly active during the day, any flies that fly around at night will be drawn to the exterior of your home if you have lights on. We realize that it is not ideal to have lights off, especially in areas where it is a security concern. Just keep in mind that flies may get into your home at dusk when you open the door for the pizza delivery guy.


If you have damaged screens, flies can get into the space between your screens and your doors or windows. This is a particular issue if you have sliding glass doors. If a fly finds a way past your screen, it will easily zip right into your home when you slide your door open. Keep your screens in good repair and seal any gaps around the frame of your screens where they touch the frames of your doors and windows. If you have any damaged windowpanes, or holes created by wood-destroying pests, these should be repaired as well.


Flies are strongly attracted to dead animals. Routine inspections of your landscaping can be helpful in preventing issues with flies. If you find a dead rodent, or some other animal, you can quickly dispose of it. Look for fly activity around gaps, cracks, and near voids underneath exterior structures.


Flies can breed in rotting organic matter. If you have oversaturated landscaping, decaying plants, or organic matter that is decaying on the ground, these can become breeding sites for flies.

  • Rake and remove leaves, grass clippings, and other debris.

  • Maintain healthy plants.

  • Remove plants that are dying.

  • Clean your gutters and repair damage to your gutter system.

  • Fix plumbing leaks.

  • Give your plants only the water they need and put sprinklers on timers.

  • Water your plants in the morning to allow the moisture to dry in the sun.

Fly Control

When flies are an ongoing problem, it may be necessary to have a local pest control professional take a look. If you live in Charlotte, contact Go-Forth Pest Control for assistance. Our service team can help by locating potential breeding sites and addressing them. We can also provide you with industry-leading fly management. Connect with us today to schedule service for your Charlotte home. We'll guide you in selecting the right treatment options for your specific needs and budget. With over fifty years of experience, you can trust Go-Forth Pest Control with all your pest control challenges.


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