Ticks are icky pests that cling to the skin and draw blood. They also have the ability to transmit disease-causing microorganisms. In recent years, Charlotte residents have become much more informed about the many diseases that can be spread by ticks, inspired, in part, by the ever-increasing threat of Lyme disease. While Lyme disease cases are still quite low in North Carolina, when compared to states north of us, they continue to rise. So, there is no time like the present to learn how to keep ticks out of your yard. Here's what everyone in Charlotte should know about tick control.

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Ticks in Charlotte don't generally crawl into your yard on their own. When away from a host, a tick doesn't travel far. Therefore, the key to reducing ticks in your yard is linked to wildlife control. This will be the predominant focus of this article. We do, however, have one tip that can help you keep crawling ticks out of your yard and, more importantly, away from outdoor recreation areas. These little bugs don't prefer to cross gravel or wood chips. You can use these materials as a fairly effective barrier.

What Attracts Wildlife?

Any furry or feathery animal can bring ticks into your Charlotte yard. There's no way to keep them all out of your yard, but there are tips that work to make them less interested in coming in or frequenting your property.

  • Move bird feeders away from your exterior walls. When birds eat seeds from feeders, or hop around on the ground eating seeds, they can drop ticks. There are also a surprising number of furry animals that like to eat seeds—from tiny little mice to big, fat raccoons.

  • Make sure all garbage is bagged and stored in covered receptacles that cannot be knocked over by a mid-size animal, such as a raccoon or an opossum. A bungee cord is a good tool for securing trash receptacles.

  • Move woodpiles away from your exterior and elevate the wood to keep mice and rats from using them for harborage.

  • Remove any objects from your yard that don't need to be out there. These are also useful harborages for animals.

  • Trim bushes and remove hiding places in your landscaping that small animals may use.

  • Protect vegetables and fruits by installing fencing around these key food sources.

  • Use fencing material to seal voids underneath decks, patios, sheds, and other structures. This prevents animals from creating a den underneath these structures.

  • If you have pets, refrain from feeding them outside or put food down during the day and collect it before nightfall. Many of the animals that come into your yard with ticks will do so at night.

  • If you have acorn-producing trees, be sure to stay on top of cleaning the acorns up. Bag them and remove them from your property as soon as possible.

  • Move brush piles to at least 20 feet from your home or burn the sticks as you collect them in your yard.

  • Clean up after cookouts. Never leave human food out on your back deck or in your yard.

  • Many animals come into your yard to feed on bugs. When you invest in a residential pest control program, you reduce bug populations around your home. This makes your yard less inviting to animals.

Targeted Tick Control

When ticks are introduced to an area near your home, they need certain conditions in order to survive and develop. These tips can directly work to limit their ability to do either or both.

  • Mow your lawn routinely and keep your grass cut low.

  • Remove weeds and grasses from your landscaping.

  • Make sure your gutters are clear of obstructions and that they are in good working condition.

  • Stay on top of yard work, such as removing leaf piles and leaf litter.

Tick Treatments  

If you have higher than normal tick pressures, due to factors beyond your control, the best solution is to invest in tick treatments. A pest management professional can perform routine treatments and pest maintenance to repel and knock down ticks in your yard.

Do you live in Charlotte, North Carolina?

If so, you're in our service area. Reach out to Go-Forth Pest Control for effective tick management. We offer a range of service plans to address a long list of common North Carolina pests, including ticks. We can help you find the right plan for your specific needs and budget. It is easy to connect with us. Hop over to our contact page and tell us a little bit about your pest concerns and we'll schedule a service visit. You don't have to live with ticks. Let the friendly, knowledgeable and experienced pest professionals here at Go-Forth Pest Control help you deal with those icky bugs.


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