Stink bugs are common pests in Charlotte. Every fall, these insects show up in large numbers. They crawl on screens, siding, and around entryways. It is very difficult to keep them from getting inside. But there are some tips and tricks that can help you reduce your stink bug issues. Let's take a look at these common Charlotte pests and discuss some ways to keep stink bugs from driving you crazy this fall, winter, and spring.

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What Are Stink Bugs?

In our area, we have green stink bugs and brown marmorated stink bugs. One is green and the other is brown. Both are shield-shaped and both can find their way into Charlotte residences, but brown marmorated stink bugs tend to be much more of a problem.

Why Do Stink Bugs Get Inside?

Your home is not an appropriate stink bug habitat, so why do they get inside? These insects are overwintering pests. When temperatures outside begin to dip, stink bugs start looking for places to hide. While they can hide under rocks and under the bark of trees, your home is a lot nicer. Once winter has passed, stink bugs will try to exit your Charlotte home. When they do, they can appear in your common areas during the spring. 

What Attracts Stink Bugs To My Home?

The exterior of your home probably isn't a stink bug habitat either, so why do stink bugs come to your home in the fall? In nature, stink bugs find sun-warmed surfaces, such as the face of a boulder, to warm themselves on. If you have Southern exposure on your home, you may find these insects warming themselves on your exterior. But this isn't the only reason stink bugs may choose your home.

  • Stink bugs are attracted to light. If you keep lights off at night, or replace white bulbs with yellow bulbs, you can reduce light as an attractant. This is particularly important around entryways.

  • If you have lots of vegetation, this can attract stink bugs. There isn't a whole lot you can do about this except to reach out to a licensed professional and invest in routine perimeter treatments.

How Do Stink Bugs Get Inside?

A stink bug can fly into your home when you open the door. But, more often, they'll get in through gaps and cracks in your exterior. Here are a few places to check.

  • Inspect the seals around your exterior doors. If you can see any gaps or cracks, you can bet stink bugs will see them too.

  • Inspect around your utilities. Stink bugs will make quick use of a gap around a pipe or wire conduit.

  • Inspect your foundation. Seal cracks and fill in gaps or holes in wood.

Are Stink Bugs Dangerous To Humans?

These insects aren't known to bite humans and they aren't associated with human disease transmission. They are considered to be nuisance pests because of the smell they generate.

Are Stink Bugs Dangerous To Pets?

Dogs and cats may ingest a stink bug. If so, will it harm them? No. It may make them froth at the mouth and be ill for a little bit, but your pet will get over it. The good news is that they're not likely to eat a stink bug again!

Do Stink Bugs Cause Damage?

Yes. While stink bugs won't damage your home as they go in or out, they can damage your belongings. They leave their excrement on curtains, bedding, clothing, and other fabrics. This can cause stains that are difficult to remove.

Do Stink Bug Traps Work?

If you only have a few stink bugs in your home during the fall, winter, or spring, you can suck them up with a vacuum to get rid of them. We recommend putting the bag outside when you do this. Unfortunately, this can become costly. It is far better to create a simple stink bug trap out of a 1-liter plastic bottle. Cut the bottle top off and invert it. Place the inverted piece back into the body of the bottle. You can use this device to cover stink bugs, dislodge them, and have them fall into the trap. Empty the trap outside and clean it periodically, and you should be all set. Stink bug traps are great for small issues, but larger stink bug issues should be addressed with professional pest control.

What Bugs Are Similar To Stink Bugs?

There are only a few bugs that you may mistake for a stink bug. They are conifer seed bugs, kissing bugs, and boxelder bugs. Of the three, the kissing bug is the one to be concerned about. It is associated with the spread of Chagas disease. Other than these three, we know of no other bugs similar to stink bugs.  

Stink Bug Control In Charlotte

If you're having issues with stink bugs, remember that the service team here at Go-Forth Pest Control is always available to help. Connect with us today to schedule service. You don't have to live with stink bugs getting into your home every year. Let Go-Forth Pest show you why their residential pest control can help you reclaim your house from stinkbugs. 


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