Did you know that bed bugs in Raleigh like how you smell? They're attracted to the scent of humans. The scent of the oils on your skin are one of the ways they find you, and bite you. But there are some smells bed bugs don't like. What is most interesting is that the things that smell bad to bed bugs don't necessarily smell bad to us. Lavender and lemon are great examples. If you apply these scents to your bedding, mattress, box spring, bed, and the surrounding area, bed bugs will not be pleased about this. But how effective is the application of natural smells when it comes to battling bed bugs? As it turns out, they aren't all that helpful. Here's why.

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How A Female Bed Bug Thinks

Male and female bed bugs consume blood as food. This is how they survive. But the need for blood is stronger for female bed bugs because it is connected to their ability to reproduce—and a female bed bug is strongly motivated to ensure the continuance of her species. If you spray something that smells bad, she is likely to bear through the smell to save her species from extinction. Not unlike a female mosquito bearing the smell of mosquito-repellent to bite you. Has this ever happened to you? Then you know that you're not going to have much success keeping a bed bug from biting you by spraying something she thinks is unpleasant.

Where Bed Bugs Live

You might think that bed bugs will just leave your home and go find a home that doesn't stink. This is reasonable, if you don't know that bed bugs are almost exclusively indoor pests. They don't live outside in your yard. If your home stinks, they have to put up with it. At first, you may see a reduction in bites, but don't count on this continuing. These insects will find a way to overcome their distaste for the smell. Bed bugs have been living with humans since the dawn of time. We've thrown everything you can imagine at them, and yet they're still around, still living with us. You should never underestimate the resolve of a bed bug. They'll overcome the harsh environment of your home or die trying. There is no chance that they'll choose to brave the great outdoors.

Another Layer To Consider

Some products that smell bad to bed bugs don't just deter them, they can also eliminate them. Essential oils are a good example. Researchers from Rutgers University and the USDA's Agricultural Research Service have found promising evidence that essential oils may provide a natural way to control bed bug infestations. But there are many pitfalls that must be addressed. Bed bugs don't make the job of extermination easy; they are resilient and resourceful insects. Their behavior patterns help them avoid anything that threatens the group. We strongly recommend having a licensed pest management professional select and administer these products, even though they are natural.

  • A professional will know to use essential oils that have the highest success rate. Current research indicates that a use of blood orange, paraffin, and silicon oil achieves the best results.

  • A professional understands that natural doesn't mean harmless. These products can cause you to become sick if you use them incorrectly.

  • A professional understands the habitats and habits of bed bugs, and uses field-tested strategies to achieve control.

  • A professional knows when essential oils won't address your issues and is able to suggest other bed bug-control options that will have greater success.

  • A professional knows how to perform an inspection and determine if bed bugs are still active in your home.

Do you see the problem?

You'll have a very difficult time controlling bed bugs in Raleigh with essential oils or sprays that smell bad to bed bugs. We recommend tried-and-true methods of DIY bed bug control, such as putting clothing and dryer-safe items through a 30-minute dryer cycle, vacuuming, and applying encasements. If more is needed, it is best to contact Go-Forth Pest Control for bed bug control in Raleigh. Our licensed professionals use the latest strategies and technologies to fully eliminate these bugs.


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